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  • QED are “Snooker Loopy”!

    08 Dec 2020 Catherine Seddon

    Quality Essential Distribution (QED) sponsor World ranked snooker professional Alexander Ursenbacher

  • In 2017, the Saxon State Parliament in Dresden started a comprehensive project to upgrade its entire video surveillance system. However, during the reconstruction, difficulties were encountered with the transmission of video and data, amongst other things.

    On testing the system, it was found that video recordings were not being made at all, or if they were, only in very poor image quality, and in some cases data packets were not being received. At this point, a Siemens technician who had previously had good experience with barox equipment asked the manufacturer to step-in and help to solve the various transmission issues.

  • How does a security company improve operational efficiency by 40% and reduce time spent on reporting by 25%? Security Solutions (I) Ltd is a security company specializing in onsite and manned guarding ...
  • Like many organizations, the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic have impacted us at NVT Phybridge. Since March 2020, we have effectively adjusted to our new normal to strengthen the health of our ...
  • The FIA has unveiled its participation as a founding member in a new, industry-wide initiative designed to attract and develop a new generation of fire protection engineers.

  • Farfisa Interview with Jim Foster

    30 Nov 2020 Farfisa
    A short interview with Donato Vimini, Farfisa Export Area Manager, and Jim Foster, Managing Director of Access Security Products. 
  • Bold report their new Gemini CCTV cloud monitoring platform release includes new integrations and features to enhance the monitoring control room user experience and in response to the latest technology.
  • Specialist Fire & Security resourcing consultancy Zitko has unveiled Talent: a new industrywide training initiative designed to address the growing shortage of engineers trained for design, engineering, commissioning and support.
  • Problem & Solution

    The Trust’s Health and Safety Coordinator faced a challenging task to provide an effective lockdown alert system for each school.  Luminite’s Nexus critical alert range was chosen as it could provide a wireless solution, negating the need for a hard-wired system which would have been more costly in terms of resources and installation. 

    Luminite supplied a mixture of internal and external units meaning that no matter where the initial alert point was triggered and due to ‘flood technology’, all pupils and staff both inside and out would hear the voice alert and see the flashing blue beacons.  Nexus lockdown units are deliberately blue in colour to differentiate them from fire beacons and there are 32 sounds to choose from to further differentiate them from fire alarms.  The fact that the Nexus system could be installed by the Trust’s own Site Managers was a significant advantage, as their installation is quick and easy requiring no specialist or technical skills. 

    The TEACH Trust H&S Coordinator said “The Nexus system was installed without any disruption to the school day by the Site teams, following simple instructions supplied by Luminite who were available throughout for back-up support.  After fully preparing our pupils for the event, we successfully completed lockdown drills without causing any distress to pupils or staff.  There are no ongoing maintenance costs, other than a 3-yearly change of batteries and we would recommend the system to other educational establishments”. 

    Laura Grainger from Luminite commented ‘We are conscious that, especially in the current climate, school budgets must be spent wisely and we were happy to supply advance demo units to the school in order for them to test thoroughly.  A consideration for the TEACH Trust was that they could easily add units to the system if needed and Nexus allows them to do this.’

  • Specialist Security Distributor, Quality Essential Distribution (QED), has appointed Steve Constantine as Product Development Director, Steve previously held the role of Technical Director at QED. 

    This news comes shortly after the appointment of Matt Philp to Managing Director in October.

  • 1. How robust is your dispenser? 

    Whatever mechanism you use to dispense sanitiser, it is important that it is strong enough to withstand the volume of doses it will need to make – this can often be underestimated! There are many rudimentary pump systems out there that are just not up to the job. Unless you have a replacement for a faulty dispenser immediately to hand, there will inevitably be a period of time when there is no provision and protection is compromised.

    2. Is your system touch-free?

    Multiple numbers of potentially infected fingers placed on a pump dispenser one after the other makes having a hand sanitiser ultimately futile. Touch-free systems will significantly cut down the risk of infection and really should be the only method used.  

    3. What happens when your sanitiser liquid runs out?

    Most systems require somebody to closely monitor when sanitiser liquid is about to run out and is tasked with replenishing or replacing with more liquid. For unmanned dispensers, users will all too frequently not bother notify somebody when a replacement is required but instead go ahead and enter a space without cleansing.  A connected, automated sanitisation system that notifies those responsible when liquid levels are low are the most effective way to ensure a seamless, continuous supply of sanitiser. 

    It is also important to be realistic about the volume of sanitiser that you are likely to require in the first place. Choosing a sanitiser system with a large enough volume reservoir will help ensure that you can replenish with minimal disruption. 

    4. Can users choose whether to sanitise or not?


    Our busy lives, and simple human nature dictates that unless we are compelled do something we invariably go for the path of least resistance! A recent anecdotal observation outside our nation’s largest DIY retailer revealed that in a 10-minute timeslot, all twenty customers that walked into the store, completely ignored the sanitiser pump located next to the door. Mandatory sanitising units integrated to building entry systems, where access is denied if hands are not sanitised, are by far the best way to ensure that every entrant has effectively cleansed hands.

    5. Is your sanitiser secure?

    It is a sad fact that unsupervised sanitiser systems in public spaces such as shopping centres and playgrounds, can be subject to vandalism and theft. In these environments, it is important to ensure that your units include a secure space for the sanitiser liquid.  The ideal system would include a separate lockable area to house the sanitiser. 

    Some related facts about Steriloc Hand Sanitisation Units:

    • Under stress test conditions the Steriloc dispensing system continues to work well for over 1 million dispenses
    • Generous reservoirs minimise the need for sanitiser replenishment with most units capable of dosing 25,000 dispenses between refills
    • All but the Steriloc Shield are data enabled for ‘low-sanitiser’ alerts
    • All units are touch-free 
    • All units can be seamlessly integrated with most door access systems 
    • All units have lockable sanitiser reservoirs
  • Exceptional Image as Super Low Illumination

    The main goal of video surveillance is to see clearly anytime, anywhere.  GalloGlas decided to use Uniview bespoke Starlight technology which has exceptional image quality at super low illumination giving the team at Jas P Wilson clear images during the day and night for both static and moving scene.  The Starlight Technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid colour, high definition, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light.


    Jas P Wilson, Managing Director, Billy Wilson said, “It was an easy decision to make after seeing the demonstration of the UniView IP Starlight camera system, the team can now literally see in the dark!”

    GalloGlas MD, Richie Nicoll says “Uniview was the obvious choice for this installation with exceptional ultra-smart technology and the Starlight feature it delivers a superior user experience. It’s an all in one solution for this type of surveillance project where security and safety are paramount.”

  • Access control systems were not all created equal. You can follow the path of controllers, dumb readers, a clutter of cables, a design which doesn’t match the intercom, and access set-up which takes you hours. Try a different, better access control system !

  • A lot has changed over the past few months and retailers have felt the impact of it. Reflecting on Milestone’s recent ‘Retail - Normal Service Resumed?’ white paper focused on the Covid-19 theme, barox Kommunikation AG, the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders specifically designed for video applications, is promoting the future of joined-up retail operations and the role of video management.

  • Zitko has launched Talent – a new training initiative designed to address the growing shortage of engineers trained for design, engineering, commissioning and support in the fire and security sector.

  • The specialist fire and security resourcing consultancy Zitko has unveiled Talent. The recruitment firm describes it as an industry-wide training initiative designed to address the growing shortage of engineers trained for design, engineering, commissioning and support.

  • Specialist Fire & Security resourcing consultancy Zitko has unveiled Talent: a new industry-wide training initiative designed to address the growing shortage of engineers trained for design, engineering, commissioning and support.

  • TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new and enhanced version of its GARDiS security software, Version 2.0. Amongst the upgrades, GARDiS 2.0 features new Fire Door release and Site Lock Down functions, along with integration with ASSA ABLOY Aperio and SimonsVoss SmartIntego wireless locks.  


  • Combination of New 18TB HDD, 1TB microSD card, and Proven Software Optimized for 24/7 Streaming Workloads Provides the Capacity, Performance and Durability Required for Recorders, Smart Cameras, Deep ...
  • Ava launches the Aware Cloud video security solution

    Simple and powerful video security for organizations of any size

    LONDON, September 21, 2020 – ​Ava, a unified security company, announces the launch of Ava Aware Cloud. This video security solution offers the simplicity and flexibility of a cloud platform while providing the same intelligent, proactive security, and AI capabilities of Ava’s on-premises and hybrid solutions. For the first time, organizations of any size can leverage Ava’s powerful machine learning and advanced analytics to achieve proactive security.

    “Despite the industry’s promise of simple, intelligent video security, most organizations and companies still struggle with data overload, operational ineffectiveness, and the complexity of deployment and use,” says Tormod Ree, CEO of Ava. “Ava Aware Cloud changes all of this. Now, organizations of any size can reap all of the benefits of our on-premises solution, such as improved operator efficiency and reduced investigation time while also getting the cloud’s game-changing advantages.”

    Simple, smart video security with Ava Aware Cloud

    Ava Aware Cloud can be up and running in 10 minutes. One can simply plug in the cameras and go, since there is no on-premises infrastructure and all settings are automatically configured. The cloud solution enables web and mobile access from anywhere by extending access from the browser to the Ava Aware mobile app on Android and iOS.

    Ava Cloud Cameras have built-in video/audio analytics and on-device storage. The solution is secure from the ground up with end-to-end encryption, factory-installed certificates and automatic updates. Without the need for on-premises hardware, the licensing model is straightforward; simply choose camera type, resolution, and days of retention. Scaling the deployment from a few cameras to a fleet of devices is also effortless, without the need for servers.

    “Regardless of industry, efficiency is such an important part of keeping organizations and companies secure and protected,” says Kohler Brandon of USA Security. “Ava Aware Cloud is a perfect path to simplicity and scalability, while smaller organizations with fewer resources and smaller deployments can still enjoy a full, proven security solution.”

    The same security and operational benefits as the Ava Aware video management system on-premises solution
    Ava Aware Cloud’s camera analytics enables security pros to find events and objects faster and organizations to be more proactive, keeping threats from becoming incidents. On-camera analytics include object detection for people and vehicles, color and gender classification, activity level, and sound analytics for events such as glass breaking or other loud noises.

    Harnessing these powerful analytics also provides business-relevant data. Organizations can do more with video security, such as real-time counting of people and vehicles, usage statistics or social distancing measures, with APIs and webhooks for integrations.


    The Ava cloud video security solution allows organizations to:

    • Get started in minutes, stay up to date, and always secure.

    • Be proactive and prevent incidents from happening with AI-powered solutions.

    • Gain advanced insights and intelligence for their business.

    • To learn more about ​Ava Aware Cloud and book a demo​, visit​ ​or join us at​ GSX+2020 Online Sept 21-25.

    Founded in 2016, Ava’s vision as a unified security provider is to help organizations see, understand, and act on threats in real-time across both cyber and physical domains. The company offers best-in-class insider threat detection cybersecurity solutions and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data. Security professionals leverage embedded machine learning to help recognize and investigate patterns, accurately see the whole threat picture, and respond quickly.

    *USA Security is an Ava reseller designing fully integrated commercial security systems that utilize cutting-edge technology.

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