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  • An insight into deister electronic's wireless locking systems.

  • See how deister electronic supports security service providers in automating security-relevant tasks.

  • This video shows an example video from a varifocal IP camera IPO-VF5MP AF 4K.

  • The 2N® IP Verso security intercom is configurable to your needs. It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with other systems. 


  • The Sales Director of CIE talks about current trends on the residential market in Great Britain. What do customers expect from our products? 

  • Our product-tech youtube video series is coming soon
  • ElexShow 2020 - Alexandra Palace - DDS - CCTV - Wireless Alarms Highlight clip from ElexShow - the biggest Electrician show in UK
  • Intratone Mini HF Keypad

    Smart R Distribution

    The Intratone Mini HF GSM Keypad has both mobile phone and keypad entry. Administer users, time zones and view reports via free online portal.

  • Vanderbilt ACT 365

    Smart R Distribution

    Vanderbilt 365 allows you to manage your access control via a mobile to control users and doors.

  • Comelit Mini WiFi Upgrade

    Smart R Distribution
  • Farpointe Data Ranger

    Smart R Distribution
    With the use of the long-range transmitters,  Farpointe Data Ranger reader has a read range of up to 61 metres. Due to the excellent range its great for parking gates, vehicle barriers and sliding doo ...
  • Dynamic CCTVs chosen storage for solutions. Skyhawk by Seagate is the chosen storage device and come in a range of storage capacity. 

  • Ajax systems were founded in 2011 and launched in 2019 in the UK market.

  • HIGHER resolution, BIGGER sensor, BRIGHTER image.

  • Security sector video

    28 Feb 2020 Suzanne Pinchin
  • barox is a manufacturer of switches for video, media converters and IP extenders. The products have been developed for video transmission and have proven themselves there for years.

  • This new release of Valerus adds features designed to expand its overall capabilities while maintaining its core value as the easiest VMS on the market. It delivers full situational awareness and exce ...
  • Please watch the video for an introduction into our services. For further information or to book a tour of our monitoring centre, then please contact 0808 181 0010 or
  • webeyeCMS

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee


    The world's most versatile cloud monitoring platform

  • webeyeFOG

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee

    webeyeFOG security Fog system

    It is a small device that connects to your visually verified alarm system that fills a room quickly with smoke which impairs vision making it impossible to stay.

  • The Webeye concept

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee

    Webeye combines leading CCTV and video alarm products with award winning alarm delivery technology to improve security efficiency.

  • Critical Infrastructure Device protects vulnerable and sensitive locations from the threat of Cyber Attack, defending your corporate networks against unauthorised or malicious access. ​ The protection ...
  • LILIN UK showcased their new AI platform for the first time at ISE 2020, running both ANPR and Object Detection engines.

  • LILIN’s Mini PTZ camera provides the perfect discreet surveillance solution.

  • Scan-360 Protecting Car Compounds

    19 Feb 2020 N Smith
  • Latham's Steel Fire Exit Door Range

    19 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Latham's Steel Security Doors fire exit door range will offer a level of security and protection for your property, whilst giving an easy means of escape in an emergency situation.

  • Latham's Steel Personnel Door Range

    19 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Our range of steel security personnel doors will secure your property with full customisation options available to suit your needs.

  • Wave II Console

    19 Feb 2020 Winsted Control Room Consoles

    Introducing the new Wave 2 console. A console designed to meet the rigorous demands of a 24/7 environment, but not at the expense of style or aesthetics.

  • 24Hr Timelapse Video of Starlight Camera

  • Official Partner of both Uniview (UNV) IP Systems and AJAX Security Systems.

  • Webfleet Solutions

    18 Feb 2020 Webfleet Solutions
    Power up your fleet management and make even smarter business decisions with the new WEBFLEET. WEBFLEET is the award-winning Software-as-a-Service fleet management solution from TomTom Telematics, des ...
  • STARVIS Camera 24hrs Time Lapse

    10 Jan 2020 LILIN UK

    LILIN UK's newest range of STARVIS cameras provide stunningly clear images, regardless of the time of day. 

  • Latham's Steel Security Doors Front Door Range

    17 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Latham's Steel Security Doors range of High Security Front Doors are perfect for security conscious property owners, who don't want to compromise on style.

  • Latham's Steel Security Doors Company Details

    17 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Latham's Security Doors are the UK’s leading specialist of premium stock steel doors, holding the largest range for residential, commercial & industrial sectors.

  • EMCS, one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres, discuss how Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, reduced false alarms and allowed them to ...
  • Quick, simple and affordable – Tigris TS-007 Cylinders are Kitemarked, fully patented, 6-pin cylinders. Tough as old boots but precision built for reliable performance year after year.  Choose wisely. ...
  • KBC Networks

    12 Feb 2020
  • Multi-Release 2019 combines the launch of the new MotionCam and Hub 2 devices, updates of all Ajax applications, and the new OS Malevich.


  • Boxer Alexander Usyk shows what the Ajax security system is capable of.

  • Boxer Alexander Usyk shows what the Ajax security system is capable of.

  • Boxer Alexander Usyk shows what the Ajax security system is capable of.

  • Boxer Alexander Usyk shows what the Ajax security system is capable of.

  • We created a completely new security system. With our passion for science and love for art, we made it to be super-reliable, elegant, and easy to install and control.

  • The most important things about Ajax in terms of security business are a simple installation, reliability, user-friendly interface, easy escalation. As the result – huge sales.

  • BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow interviewed SelectaDNA's Police Liason, Nick Roach, on the increased use of SelectaDNA Tagging & Defence Spray by UK Police Forces in the fight against moped crime. 

  • SelectaDNA offers a full range of property marking solutions and is Ideal for individuals, schools, businesses, hospitals and councils to protect assets and belongings. 

  • SelectaDNA Intruder Spray is the ultimate commercial burglary and robbery deterrent, and an ideal way for businesses, shops, banks and other premises to protect their valuable stock and assets.

  • Patriot

    19 Jan 2020 Patriot Systems

    Take a look at the powerful features & additional modules in the Patriot introduction video.

  • Take a tour of our manufacturing facility that's right here in the UK!!

    16 Jan 2020 Knight Fire & Security Products Ltd
  • We know that the Control Room lies at the heart of operations.  And designing a new, or renovating an existing Control Room can be a huge task.  We can help!

  • Deep Learning Video Analytics

    06 Jan 2020 Videcon Ltd
    Videcon are delighted to announce a sweep of updates to Deep Learning Video Analytics on Professional recording units, improving the accuracy of our two popular methods of detection and incorporating ...
  • Trading since 1995, Videcon is a leading UK Security distributor of CCTV, fire, intruder, door entry, access control and associated security products with dedicated sales team within each area.

  • Our world is becoming more and more interconnected. Particularly in the security sector, various technologies deliver only a flood of information that can no longer be comprehended. 


    09 Jan 2020

    Discover CAME's automated operator featuring a control panel with encoder for sectional and overhead garage doors.

  • View the CAME Özak - Road Blocker Crash Test for the M50 P1 (K12) now!

  • CAME KEY is the smart wi-fi device to speed up the installation of automatic gates, road barriers & garage doors by smartphone/tablet, directly on site, without an Internet connection. Find out more.

  • CAME Connect is the start of a new era for the world of automated entry systems. This new cloud based system will benefit installers and end-users alike. Find out more now.

  • Discover the NEW CAME BKV sliding gate motor.

  • Welcome to CCTVdirect Ltd

    09 Jan 2020 CCTVdirect Ltd

    With over 20 years of experience in the Security industry, CCTVdirect Ltd is the go-to company for all of your product needs.

  • The CAME experience

    09 Jan 2020

    Benefit from the undeniable advantage of accessing real-time assistance with CAME technology.

  • Axiom X

    09 Jan 2020 RBH
    Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. Axiom stands up to the challenge by combining Access Control and Alarm Monitoring with Video, Building management automat ...
  • Axiom Combined

    09 Jan 2020 RBH
    RBH Video showing the features and compatibility of our entire range. From an initially small system growing to an enterprise level multi-site setup, RBH have the solution to grow with you.
  • Keep an eye on your premises and get notified when it matters.


  • The ATRIUM access control system redefines ease of use and performance. ATRIUM allows you to manage up to 500 doors, proximity card readers, keypads or wireless door handles. 

  • The SX800 offers the combination of camera and lens within one housing for the first time for demanding high quality long-range surveillance applications, with high image quality and high usability.

  • It's time to begin. It's time to be the change, to think different, an we dare you to think differently
  • Kansai International Airport leverages Modern LAN Principles and NVT Phybridge FLEX technology to successfully modernize to IP; saving over $75,000 and accelerating the deployment of Xovis Person Trac ...
  • MegaPlaza Jaén is a large three-story shopping mall in Peru. Using Modern LAN Principles and the CLEER24 switch solution, NVT Phybridge was able to use the malls existing Coax-based infrastructure to ...
  • The new EC Adapters enhance the capabilities of the award-winning CLEER (IP over Coax) product family. Using the locally powered EC-Link or EC-Link+ Adapters, you can now extend connectivity up to 6,0 ...
  • The new NVT Phybridge EC Extender Kits are available now! Leverage your existing network switches and infrastructure to extend network connectivity over a single Coax cable run to support IP endpoints ...


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