Security Cameras


  • A brief overview of Stackdoor technology and how it solves security issues in a sleek and aesthetic fashion. 

  • Xonar's unique self-locking technology removes the need for any auxiliary locking mechanisms in any open position. Mitigates the risk of an incorrectly closed shutter.

  • Xonar Anti-Cut Lath

    CGT Security

    Our anti-cut lath was put to the challenge against 4 electric cut tools comparing its resistance to that of a standard SR3 lath.

  • The Fastlane Glassgate 155 and 400 Plus offer additional security and lane width options whilst maintaining the renowned good looks of the Fastlane range. 

  • James is back for another Commend Short, this time showcasing our IP Secure Connector which provides the highest security and safety even if an unauthorised attempt is made to remove it.
  • IP Public Address Solutions

    20 Aug 2021 Commend UK
    In this Commend Short, Hannah takes us through our IP Public Address solution with ad-hoc zone selection.
  • For a Smarter World

    18 Aug 2021 WDC
  • In this video, Installer Steve looks at the next 12 months of the All IP (Digital Voice) project and how MiniAir 2 is the ideal mobile upgrade for digital communicators (that rely on PSTN). 

  • Dycon Power Solutions Ltd EN54-4 Fire PSU's

    13 Aug 2021 Dycon Power Solutions

    Dycon Power solutions Ltd EN54-4 PSU range

  • Nx Witness v4.2

    12 Aug 2021

    Automatically discover and manage tends of thousdands of IP cameras from 648 manufacturers with the world's most powerful VMS with Nx Witness v4.2.


  • The Security Matters Podcast is published monthly and analyses the latest UK security industry news and also interviews leading professionals from the sector.

  • If an invalid code is entered 3 times the keypad will lock for 30 seconds to avoid spamming attempts.
  • By adding additional digits before, after, or both in conjunction with your PIN, you can easily hide your code from prying eyes.
  • Gain access to the property with a card or fob, PIN code, fingerprint or Bluetooth.
  • Use your smart phone to open and lock the door remotely.
  • Using the latest deep learning technology, Calipsa’s cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform removes over 90% of false alarms, making it a global leader in false alarm reduction. Learn more about s ...
  • Product Range Overview

    03 Aug 2021 Catherine Seddon

    Brief overview of the security products we distribute.  Featuring our main brands.

  • Cybersecure Access Control

    30 Jul 2021 Nedap Security Management

    Do you treat your physical security system like an IT system? Does it have the cybersecurity protection it needs?

  • Biometric Access Control with Thales Facepod

    30 Jul 2021 Nedap Security Management

    Nedap and Thales launched the Facepod integration!

    The optimal access control device: contactless, fast, easy, and secure 🔒

  • The flexibility of AEOS access control

    30 Jul 2021 Nedap Security Management

    AEOS access control

  • Unrivalled performance, coupled with seamless aesthetics, to deliver the best experience. Click to find out more:
  • A security system is only as good as its ability to detect. Your reputation, your business, your future, and your customers’ wellbeing, all depends on making the right choice of motion detection. 


  • Bold Gemini

    28 Jul 2021
  • OPTEX OVS - Vehicle Detection

    28 Jul 2021 Matthew Hearn

    OPTEX OVS - Above Ground Vehicle Detection

  • Meet the newest camera from Ava Security, Ava Compact Dome.

  • Rething security with Ava Aware Cloud.

  • Find out about deister electronic's Smart Cabinet Lock - a wire-free solution to securing access for cabinets and lockers.

  • Eaton SecureConnect

    26 Jul 2021 Sam Evans

    SecureConnect™ - a smart security management system delivers control and convenience reinforced by class-leading, third-party certified protection against digital threats.

  • Pelco’s Sarix® Value Fixed IP high-performing camera line delivers an affordable security solution enabling customers to minimize risks and meet regulatory requirements within budget. Featuring true w ...
  • Pelco Spectra® Enhanced 7 Series IR Look Up PTZ camera provides wide area coverage, high-speed tracking, and long-range details in unilluminated areas. With 30 degrees look up above the horizon and au ...
  •  Enjoy direct access to the support, information, and training you need so that you can strengthen and drive business with your customers.

  • Meet ColourSmart!

    Our brand new 24/7 colour camera from Concept Pro. 

  • 7" IP indoor video entry phone with IPS screen, resolution 1024×600 and the ability to connect alarm sensors. The indoor video entry phone works on the Android 6.0 operating system. It comes in 4 colo ...
  • Exclusive multi-apartment BAS-IP AA-14FB entrance panel for the most demanding projects. What is so special about it? The perfect combination of design and functionality allows you to confidently inst ...
  • BAS-IP AV-08FB is a stylish and unique individual entrance panel with face recognition, 2MP camera and different color variations. Face Recognition System The technology employs 3D face recognition us ...
  • Key features of BAS-IP entrance panels: • Using MIFARE® keychain • Guest access: by the special link • Face recognition • Concierge calling • Using the BAS-IP UKEY app • Guest access: by QR code • Cal ...
  • BAS-IP AT-10 – fresh addition in BAS-IP indoor video entry phones line. Wide 10-inch IPS screen, built-in camera for duplex video conversations and internet connection via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi make A ...
  • Alertex Lockdown Features

    23 Jul 2021 Laura Grainger

    The Alertex Lockdown system comprises battery operated units which can be quickly installed on the school site in hours, thus minimising disruption to the learning environment. 

  • LILIN have now released IVS 2.2- Human and Vehicle Detection- for their new 2 and 3 series camera ranges.

  • Can you spot Norman from 35m?

  • Showing facial recognition of groups of people at speed.


  • Accurate counting with 18 point recognition.

  • Showing multi-channel LPR using server core licensing

  • Extreme shock testing.

  • Extreme shock testing.

  • An overview of our bestselling EBGBWC02/PTE (Green dome button with collar)

    Please see a full range of our products at

  • This short video clip demonstrates the night time performance of the X2 COMBAT PTZ camera. The plane and car are stationed 75m away from the X2 COMBAT.

  • InVentry and Paxton

    22 Jul 2021
    Understanding the InVentry and Paxton integration. 
  • The InVentry Visitor Journey

    22 Jul 2021 InVentry
    Understand the InVentry visitor journey from beginning to end. 
  • This week we're looking at Uniview 🤩 The Mini Indoor PTZ is packed with features and benefits!! Take a look to learn more!! Also make sure you've got in your diaries the 20th August for the DDS BBQ. ...
  • Welcome to our very first Toria's Tech Talk and no better place to start than the most talked about product on the market at the moment - the AJAX KeyPad Plus 🤩🖤 Make sure you're inviting installers ...
  • This week's talk is on another AJAX new product (don't worry Univiewers - next week is all about CCTV). The DualCurtain Outdoor is fantastic for protecting property boundaries without creating obstacl ...
  • Here we go 🙌 - the start of a very exciting new venture for DDS. A very short and sweet introduction to these talks and what's to be expected.  Please share this page with everyone and we would love ...
  • The Fanvil H2U Hotel IP phone has a sleek and simple design. There are two available colours, elegant black & fresh white. The device also has 10 Speed Dial keys on the keypad.
  • The Fanvil i56A is a real time monitor that works with Fanvil's door phones and intercoms. This indoor station is based on the Android 9.0 operating system, featuring a large 10.1" touchscreen main co ...
  • Fanvil | Connecting the Value of Voice

    Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd
    Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. (Fanvil) is a leading global provider of Unified Communications (UC) devices and solutions, with three R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, China. Fanvil has four ...
  • Hi, I'm Kerry Jones and the following video is a brief introduction about who we are, what we do and what we offer CCTV Installers.


  • Reconeyez AI video

    14 Jul 2021 Reconeyez

    Cloud Platform + AI

    Set up, configure, manage and control individual devices or whole sites. View, track and configure events as they occur or adjust device parameters based on smart analysis.

  • Morphean Post Office Case Study

    15 Jul 2021 Sebastian Berumen
  • Overview of switch range for CCTV

  • Barox - Milestone integration

    15 Jul 2021 Chris Blake

    barox USPs • Milestone plug-in

  • Motorola Solution’s 136,000 square foot Richardson facility represents our continued investment in North American manufacturing and the expansion of our production of video security solutions and ship ...
  • Sunfire Remote

    14 Jul 2021 Rachael Barker

    The Sunfire Remote solide oxxide fuel cell

  • EFOY Pro

    14 Jul 2021 Rachael Barker

    The new EFOY Pro direct methanol fuel cell

  • How our products are designed for the Fire and Security industry
  • We are actively seeking distributors and integration partners globally so please fill in the details for more information and industry leading pricing.


  • The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is the most highly trusted and respected, independent, UKAS-accredited Certification Body in the security and fire sector.
  • Overview of who we are and what we do
  • GoTime Cloud is ZKTeco's cloud-based Time Attendance Management Solution, that centralizes your employee’s real-time information and Time Attendance fingerprint and RFID devices on a single platform.

  • Learn how to adjust the Bluetooth range for ATRIUM Mobile-PASS credentials. 

    Mobile-PASS is CDVI's high security smartphone credential product. 

    Learn more today!

  • Having a monitored alarm means this business owner doesn’t just protect his photography studio, he also protects his livelihood.
  • Get your customers ready. The UK is switching to all-IP by 2025. Prepare and protect homes and businesses with our Next Generation portfolio.
  • Why is the PSTN being shut down? How will it affect your customers? And what do you need to do to adapt? Watch our film to find out.
  • The UK is switching to all-IP. Prepare and protect your customers with our competitively priced Next Generation alarm signalling systems. While unlocking new opportunities for your business. Because t ...
  • Michael Askew discussed how Calipsa's integration with the Sentinel Alarm Receiving Platform benefits users.
  • SHUFFLE - For safer streets

    Urbis Schréder

    Shuffle creating safer streets for you and your citizens

  • In this #shorts video Rory takes a look at the self testing button that is capable of pressing itself without the use of human hands!






  • Imagine a world where the unpredictable can be predicted. 

  • We are proud to stay that our Drive through the portal X-ray security system DTP 7500 LV will improve and change the security screening experience of the deepwater port in Prosorja, Ecuador.
  • The system is designed for fast and efficient search of dangerous and prohibited items in human clothes, under clothes on the human body and inside the human body, as well as in baggage and various ca ...
  • A very quick overview on the successor of the world's first low-dose x-ray transmission body scanner, the Conpass Smart DV. Offering smart AI-based people screening which features the patented Druguar ...
  • The DTP 7500LVR is designed for vehicles examination by scanning and receipt of shadowgraph with characteristics that permit to identify transported goods, constructional units of the examined object ...
  • Meet Nick Sanders, Motorcycling adventurer

  • See Squire's Stronghold range of extra high security padlocks

  • Discover the inigma range of smart locks

  • Find ouit more about the Squire company

  • In this short we join Gemma to take a look at using Commend touch device od10 as Interactive digital signage during an emergency situation.
  • Today James will take you through 5 interesting things about Commend products.
  • This is an awesome new media help point. The display provides important real-time information and the built-in Commend communication functionality allows seamless communications between passengers and ...
  • See how you can add convenience for users by utilising the versatile and high quality screen of the od10. Easily display important images or messages with up to date information for those who need it ...
  • GSM Lite | Simple Access Control


  • We Are AES Global

    18 Jun 2021 Michael Jamieson

    We Are AES Global Ltd, Queens Awards Winners for International Trading 2021, we pride ourselves on world-class access control products shipped worldwide.  

  • In this video, Guildo shows you the three easy methods for sending a Mobile-PASS credential to a user's phone.

    Learn more today!

  • Learn how to activate an AMC25 licence in the ATRIUM system. 

    Mobile-PASS is CDVI's high security smartphone credential product. 

    Learn more today!

  • In this video, Guildo takes a dive into the three simple ways you can register & activate a Mobile-PASS credential on your smartphone.

    Learn more today!

  • Guildo's Workshop: Introduction to Mobile-PASS

    10 Jun 2021 Guildo from CDVI

    Mobile-PASS combines simplicity with robust security, allowing authorised users to unlock doors with their smartphone.

    Learn more today!

  • Facit Identity Cloak makes GDPR/FERPA privacy compliance simple and cost effective. Facit Data Systems’ new Identity Cloak redaction software helps businesses/educational institutes to minimize their ...
  • Facit Milestone Smart Count Plugin - Activate Licence & Add Cameras Real Time Occupancy Solution
  • Facit Data Systems’ new Identity Cloak software helps businesses to minimize their risks. Our application allows to automatically anonymise faces in video footage before sharing with any third party. ...
  • Facit Smart Count - Add Camera & Setup Counting Zone
  • The new Farfisa Smart Access App: discover how simple is to use this application! To open the access, you can choose one of the following ways: virtual keyboard and personal numeric code or with a sim ...
  • Check out the features of Hero, the vandalproof video entry panel by Farfisa, completely made in Italy: technology, security, reliability and design.
  • The Alba series is now complete. Modularity, flexibility, beauty: these are the key words for this exceptional door panel range. Different elements: audio video module, proximity reader, digital keypa ...
  • Selecting a server for surveillance

    23 Oct 2020 Security on Screen

    Robin Hughes provides expert advice on what people need to think about when they are selecting a server for surveillance.

  • HowToAV talks to InfoComm / AVIXA AV expert Chuck Espinoza about the considerations of designing a high performance audio system. How does the design of a commercial audio system differ to that of an ...
  • HowToAV look into the wide range of loudspeaker options available to choose from to get the most from your professional audio installation - both in public address and background music systems. Whethe ...
  • What is a telephone paging system? In it's most simple terms, a standard public address or paging system consists of a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers (though in reality, most systems are far m ...
  • HowToAV and AVIXA audio expert Chuck Espinoza discusses loudspeaker tappings for 70v / 100v line loudspeakers. Used in commercial audio systems such as public address and background music, 70v or 100v ...
  • explains 100v Line Audio - the most commonly used distributed sound system for commercial installations, public address and background music. 100v line audio offers a simple solution for mu ...
  • HowToAV takes a '101 in Audio System Design' with audio expert and AVIXA Senior Staff Instructor - Chuck Espinoza. We take a look at the differences in technology, layout, output levels and equipment ...
  • The HowToAV team catches up with AVIXA audio expert, @madsoundguy himself - Chuck Espinoza - to talk about 100v line and low impedance audio. What's the difference, how do they compare and how to calc ...
  • HowToAV talks to AVIXA audio expert Chuck Espinoza @madsoundguy about Class D Amplifiers and how they differ from the more conventional A, B & C class amplifiers. Class D amplifiers offer a range of b ...
  • HowToAV talks to AVIXA Audio expert, Chuck Espinoza, for a deep-dive look at Network Audio (also known as Audio-over-IP or AoIP) and how it is becoming the new standard for professional audio and dist ...
  • Inter-M's WS Series, a full range of 100v line low impedance music speakers available in 15, 30, 50 and 80 Watt. These full range music speaker combine compact, modern styling with high performance au ...
  • The Inter-M PA60, PA120 and PA240 are our latest series of professional Integrated Mixer Amplifiers for small to medium public address, voice and background music installations. These economical multi ...
  • The new Inter-M AOE212N is an audio-over-IP (also known as AoIP) distribution system which allows for long distance transmission of voice, background music and audio messaging/advertising via standard ...
  • The Inter-M MA106 and MA110 are 3 Channel Compact amplifiers for public address and background music installed audio systems. Providing switchable 100v line and low impedance output, the MA106 offers ...
  • RBH BLueline

    25 May 2021 RBH
    The blueLINETM series of credential readers combines proven technologies of the past with the emerging technologies of today. Through one product line a customer can maximize the benefits of all crede ...
  • AES128 Encryption: High Security Entry Solutions

    04 Jun 2021 Rebecca from CDVI

    CDVI's RX128 receivers and TX128 transmitters make high security wireless access control easy. Use them to power doors, gates, garages, even automatic lights!

  • Take a walk through the CDVI factory situated in Bury, Northern France, as we have a look at how the BO EVO Magnetic Architectural LED Monitored Handles are made. 

  • Anthony Barnard, HR Manager at Northland Controls and Nadine Jones, Key Account Manager at Zitko discuss how Project Managers and Engineers can be successfully recruited, hired and onboarded in the Fi ...
  • A short length version of a film to encourage people to join the fire and security industry. We are always looking for engineers, managers, sales professionals from all backgrounds to show interest an ...
  • Graham Butler, Service Manager and Aiofe Morrin, HR Manager at TDS talk about how working with Zitko Contract has helped them retain customers by completing service and maintenance projects, on time a ...
  • Short video presenting our stand at Sandown Park - ElexShow 2019

  • The Zitko team talks about why they like working at Zitko
  • Find out why so many candidates and clients use Zitko for their fire and security recruitment needs. Thanks to TDS, Evolution and Northland Controls for their contributions.
  • DIGIWAY Door Automation

    20 May 2021 Sophie from CDVI

    DIGIWAY, a CDVI brand, offers automatic door systems for swing doors for every environment. DIGIWAY is durable, highly reliable, and flexible, simplifying access to the world. 

    Find out more today.

  • The Akuvox R28A SIP-enabled Video IP Intercom device is an elegant intercom with integrated colour camera, colour LCD display, digital phonebook, RFID card reader and numeric keypad. The R28A enables ...
  • Akuvox Smart Plus provides fully-remote video call answering - so if someone visits your home or property while you're out - you can see and talk to the visitor, wherever you are in the world. If you ...
  • Akuvox's flagship R29C Smart IP Intercom is now available with automated body temperature measurement, providing addition authentication levels to assist in a 'COVID-19 safe' building. In addition, to ...
  • The R29C features a high-impact touchscreen interface with intuitive user interface, this smart door phone device offers a range of authentication options for door intercom and access control systems.

  • Leading innovators in IP Door Intercoms & Access Control - Akuvox - have launched their Certified Akuvox Partner (CAP) Program - and are inviting professional installers and integrators to apply for C ...
  • The Akuvox X915 Touchscreen Door Intercom is an advanced, customisable smart IP door intercom device for apartment buildings, MDUs, multi-tenant office buildings and gated communities.  
  • The Akuvox A05 Access Control Reader features multiple contactless authentication methods, including face recognition, Bluetooth BLE, NFC, RFID and QR code scanning.
  • The Akuvox X933 Indoor Intercom Answering Panel is a premium 7" full-colour touchscreen door access / communication intercom running on the high performance Android 9.0 operating system. This multi-fu ...
  • The Secnor NAC-5003SA Biometric Access Control Fingerprint, Keypad And Multi-Format Proximity Card Reader.
  • Overview of the Tenda 9 port Switch by Steve Constantine, Product Development Director at QED.

  • Toshiba S300 hard drive series

    07 May 2021 Deb Parish

    EMEA region Toshiba Storage Solutions - The S300 surveillance hard drive series are designed for 24/7 reliable suveillance.

  • About Commtel Ltd

    30 Apr 2021 Sam Roney
  • Aelement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader with an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented,
    providing a modern design that blends with any décor.

  • The SALTO Neo Cylinder is designed for doors where fitting an electronic escutcheon is not possible or required and it is available in an extensive range of models to suit almost any kind of door.

  • Add video to monitored alarm systems. 


    29 Apr 2021


  • Door Entry Direct offers a fully bespoke service, created in-house, on all of our Vandal Resistant (VR) Panels. 

  • Flexible, convenient access control at your fingertips... Mobile-PASS combines simplicity with robust security, allowing authorised users to unlock doors with their smartphone. 

  • Scan 360 Radar Tracking Targets

    23 Apr 2021 N Smith
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD)

    23 Apr 2021 N Smith
    The intelligent radar sensor detects stopped vehicles to alert road users and prevent subsequent collisions. All carriageways are monitored in both directions. Upon detection the radar reports the veh ...
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD)

    23 Apr 2021 N Smith
    The intelligent radar sensor detects stopped vehicles to alert road users and prevent subsequent collisions. All carriageways are monitored in both directions. Upon detection the radar reports the veh ...
  • Dahua HDCVI TiOC

    15 Apr 2021
    Dahua HDCVI TiOC
  • Almanac Ep.27 - Paxton PaxLock Pro
  • ERA Protect Overview

    09 Apr 2021 ERA Protect

    ERA Protect combines over 180 years of security expetise with bank-level data encryption to deliver a buildable, affordable security system that homeowners can trust. 

  • Foresight from Peregrine Risk Management, our highly secure, easy to use platform that is transforming and streamlining pre-travel risk assessment processes for organisations globally.

  • Even the simplest beams from TAKEX feature our patented ‘double modulation’ technology.

    Here's a step-by-step video guide to aligning PB-TK series beams.

  • Our Dual-Zone MS-12FE outdoor PIR requires simultaneous detection across horizontal and downward zones for alarm.

    Configure MS-12FE for 180° detection with this quick video guide.

  • Proving ever-versatile, MS-12FE can also be configured for window or wall detection in just a few short steps...

  • The PR-5B is a compact 5m reflector beam for applications where a beam-break is desirable but cabling both ends is impractical.

    This short instructional shows just how quick and easy it is to install.

  • PR-30BE is a 30m outdoor reflector beam using Time of Flight technology to determine detecting distance with unprecedented accuracy.

    Watch Mike step you through the optical alignment of this sensor.

  • The PB-IN-HFA series are the workhorse of our photoelectric beam sensors.

    Learn beam alignment like a pro with the following instructional video by our very own Mike Burgess.

  • An Introduction to TAKEX


    TAKEX is a leading Japanese manufacturer of Security Sensors, specialising in Active Infrared Beams for Perimeter Protection, and Outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and Intruder Detection.

  • Remark AI Enables Intelligent Inventory Management, Providing Tools to Replenish Products Before Their Shelf Inventory Turns Zero.

  • Precise Fever Detection and Intelligent Access Control for Ease of Use.

  • Inteliigent and Touch-less Rapid Fever Sceening.

  • CyberSmart Solutions

    15 Mar 2021 CyberSmart
  • Experience the Remark Thermal Difference. 

    Provide your first layer of security with our Thermal Solutions

  • OCULi

    23 Feb 2021 Laura Grainger
    OCULi wireless PIR camera for the protection of remote assets in hard to reach places. Provides visual verification whilst running on batteries with the option of a solar kit.
  • Hub 2 Plus is the first professional security control panel operating on the fourth-generation LTE networks.

  • MultiTransmitter is the second life of an old alarm. It has 18 zones for wired detectors, that can be active 24/7, operate with delays when entering/exit, activate sirens, and be involved in scenarios

  • Ajax Special Event online broadcast: presentation of the latest developments.

  • We've made a movie about everyday life where Ajax plays the leading role. He is certainly not a master of drama, but no doubt, he is the best in class when security is art.

  • There are many reasons why businesses choose to implement biometric authentication for Time Attendance or Access Control Systems. 

  • ZK-TD100 is ZKTeco's new standalone 'Plug & Play' access control checkpoint with body temperature measurement. In this video you can see how it works and it's main features:

  • Access Control Terminal People Counting Solution powered by ZKBioSecurity-MTD

  • Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more.

  • Suprema FaceStation F2 is a fusion multimodal terminal with unmatched face recognition performance. 

  • NSGate I NSBox assembling

    10 Jan 2021 Andrew

    The NSBox is a completed product for operation in any climate. The device has one 220VAC power line, up to 16 PoE ports for video cameras or wireless access points and up to 4 uplink Ethernet ports.

  • AMG210M Series Product Showcase

    09 Feb 2021 AMG Systems

    AMG’s 210M series mini Ethernet media converters 

  • AMG510 Series Product Showcase

    09 Feb 2021 AMG Systems

    AMG’s 510 series fully managed layer 2+ Ethernet switches provide 100Mbps, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching for commercial network applications.

  • AMG250 Series Product Showcase

    09 Feb 2021 AMG Systems

    AMG’s 250 series media converters

  • KRYPTO offers end-to-end military grade encryption that's quick to install, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

  • Find out how CDVI's ATRIUM Online Access Control solution can ensure that building and area capacities are never exceeded, making social distancing at work easy.

  • COVID-19 Secure Traffic Light Kit

    02 Mar 2021 Rebecca Ford

    This simple and easy-to-use traffic light system controls the flow of staff and visitors by limiting access and clearly indicating when it is safe to enter. 

  • The ievo ultimate fingerprint scanner combines an industry-leading multi-spectral imaging sensor with advanced security features.

  • Find out how DIGIWAY door automation can be quickly and easily combined with the FTC1000 biometric facial recognition and temperature detection unit, for a sleek touchless entry solution!

  • ievo micro™ Fingerprint Reader

    30 Mar 2021 Rebecca Ford

    The micro™ is a compact fingerprint reader designed for internal use only, looking to secure small to medium sized facilities.

  • ievo ultimate™ Fingerprint Reader

    23 Feb 2021 Rebecca Ford

    The ievo ultimate™ combines an industry-leading multi-spectral imaging sensor with advanced security features. 

  • We believe in creating new experiences, using lighting as a platform, delivered through problem-solving partnerships.

  • The smart lighting-based multi-functional system to connect people to their social environment.

  • Everyone’s in a hurry, whether it’s traveling for pleasure or turning the wheels of commerce. On the road, it’s about the short cut and the fast lane. On the rail line, it’s about efficiency and on-ti ...
  • FLIR offers an unmatched, end-to-end security solution that includes feature-rich visible cameras, the most advanced thermal security cameras, open-platform software, robust analytics, and market-lead ...
  • Aware Cloud is the powerful cloud video surveillance solution for organizations of any size. Leverage the Aware Cloud video management system and the Dome and 360 cloud-managed video security cameras ...
  • See, understand, and act with a unified security approach. Find out more at
  • Steve Stuart, Managing Director of Door Entry Direct, The UK’s #1 for door entry systems and expertise. 
  • The new application shows you which specific products are best suited for your project, be this an apartment block, house or commercial building. 

  • John Coleman, our Head of Sales UK & Ireland, takes Installers through an introduction to the DualCom Pro Range. 

  • Check out this video where Installer Steve looks at his options ahead of the move towards an enhanced IP service called All IP, or Digital Voice. 

  • Kansai International Airport uses NVT Phybridge FLEX technology to deploy IP sensors throughout its airport terminals, saving over $75,000!
  • A government customs and border protection agency uses its existing Coax-based infrastructure to deploy a new IP surveillance system. The NVT Phybridge CLEER24 solution carries power and data over Coa ...
  • Modernize to IP with confidence. Richard Kasslack shows off the FLEX Extender Series. The FLEX family of Power over Ethernet solutions transforms any new or existing multi-pair UTP (unshielded twisted ...
  • The new NVT Phybridge EC Extender Kits are available now! Leverage your existing network switches and infrastructure to extend network connectivity over a single Coax cable run to support IP endpoints ...
  • The new EC Adapters enhance the capabilities of the award-winning CLEER (IP over Coax) product family. Using the locally powered EC-Link or EC-Link+ Adapters, you can now extend connectivity up to 6,0 ...
  • Technology is changing. And with it, the devices that make our lives safer, faster, and simpler. However, sometimes enabling these devices can be anything but simple. Some will tell you to rip out and ...
  • Don't send your guests on a key hunt. With M-Series Digital Door Locks there's no need for insecure key boxes or for you to be hanging around waiting for your guests to arrive. You can send your guest ...

  • barox Kommunikation AG, the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders has proudly become a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2020.

  • Connecting and empowering the individuals who keep our society safe and our world moving forward through a technology ecosystem that unifies voice, data, video and analytics in one connected platform.

  • VT100 & VB400 body-worn cameras enable front-line staff and security professionals to record audio and video footage to deter aggression, capture evidence and stream incidents as they occur.

  • Motorola Solutions’ new H5 Pro Camera captures the best-in-class image details over vast areas, providing maximum coverage options through our most powerful and innovative high definition cameras yet.

  • Motorola Solutions’ H5A Corner Camera is an anti-ligature and no-grip solution that is purpose-built to withstand the harshest attempts to destroy, detach, attach or disable it.

  • Motorola Solutions’ H5A Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera brings wide area coverage, high-speed tracking and exceptional optical detail, empowering security operators with 360° views to monitor large areas.

  • We were able to test the Bosch Starlight 7000 camera. The camera needs a lot of power to operate all its functions. No problem for the RY-LGSPTR23-26 (

  • Ever wanted to know what Trackforce Valiant was all about? Here's your chance! View how our solution tops every other #security​ #workforce​ #management​ #software​ in guard tracking, incident/activit ...
  • Securefast Wireless Security Cameras

    05 Jan 2021 Tom Grainger
    Securefast range of wireless video doorbells and security cameras. All with two way communication and HD video footage, so your property can be monitored, from your mobile device, day or night.
  • Property Management Stories - Stori Protection x La Permanence
  • See how the native integration between cloud video security and access control work together to bring users real-time visibility across sites. By building a management software that's accessible on an ...
  • Verkada is truly the most bandwidth friendly solution on the market. With cameras that operate at 20 kilobits per second at a steady state, easily scale security to meet the needs of any business. To ...
  • To view cameras, simply log into your Verkada account on any browser or device. Once you’re signed in, quickly see, save, and share footage from any camera, across all sites on one, easy-to-use platfo ...
  • In this 3-min reel, discover how Verkada’s mobile app simplifies video security management and remote monitoring at scale.
  • Verkada, the leader in cloud-based physical security, recently launched Access Control as the next step to delivering on the company’s vision of becoming the operating system that powers modern buildi ...
  • The SV11 is a simple-to-deploy, powerful sensing device that provides enhanced visibility into what is happening in a physical space. The cloud-managed device seamlessly integrates with Verkada’s indu ...
  • Verkada builds enterprise video surveillance systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The platform combines intelligent, plug-and-play security cameras with cloud-based software that’s easy to us ...
  • Learn more about ZKTeco touchless biometrics​ product series with mask and body temperature detection in this video. More info:

  • An insight into deister electronic's laundry, linen and workwear management solutions.

  • An insight into deister electronic's wireless locking systems.

  • See how deister electronic supports security service providers in automating security-relevant tasks.

  • The 2N® IP Verso security intercom is configurable to your needs. It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with other systems. 


  • The Sales Director of CIE talks about current trends on the residential market in Great Britain. What do customers expect from our products? 

  • ElexShow 2020 - Alexandra Palace - DDS - CCTV - Wireless Alarms Highlight clip from ElexShow - the biggest Electrician show in UK
  • Intratone Mini HF Keypad

    Smart R Distribution

    The Intratone Mini HF GSM Keypad has both mobile phone and keypad entry. Administer users, time zones and view reports via free online portal.

  • Vanderbilt ACT 365

    Smart R Distribution

    Vanderbilt 365 allows you to manage your access control via a mobile to control users and doors.

  • Comelit Mini WiFi Upgrade

    Smart R Distribution
  • Farpointe Data Ranger

    Smart R Distribution
    With the use of the long-range transmitters,  Farpointe Data Ranger reader has a read range of up to 61 metres. Due to the excellent range its great for parking gates, vehicle barriers and sliding doo ...
  • Dynamic CCTVs chosen storage for solutions. Skyhawk by Seagate is the chosen storage device and come in a range of storage capacity. 

  • Ajax systems were founded in 2011 and launched in 2019 in the UK market.

  • HIGHER resolution, BIGGER sensor, BRIGHTER image.

  • Cable Management for your furniture

    28 Feb 2020 Suzanne Pinchin
  • Security sector video

    28 Feb 2020 Suzanne Pinchin
  • barox is a manufacturer of switches for video, media converters and IP extenders. The products have been developed for video transmission and have proven themselves there for years.

  • Use the network switches as healthcenter and diagnose edged devices  via milestone Smart-barox plugin made by barox Kommunikation, complements and extends XProtect® Video Management Software usability

  • This new release of Valerus adds features designed to expand its overall capabilities while maintaining its core value as the easiest VMS on the market. It delivers full situational awareness and exce ...
  • Please watch the video for an introduction into our services. For further information or to book a tour of our monitoring centre, then please contact 0808 181 0010 or
  • webeyeCMS

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee


    The world's most versatile cloud monitoring platform

  • webeyeFOG

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee

    webeyeFOG security Fog system

    It is a small device that connects to your visually verified alarm system that fills a room quickly with smoke which impairs vision making it impossible to stay.

  • The Webeye concept

    21 Feb 2020 Trevor Lee

    Webeye combines leading CCTV and video alarm products with award winning alarm delivery technology to improve security efficiency.

  • LILIN UK showcased their new AI platform for the first time at ISE 2020, running both ANPR and Object Detection engines.

  • LILIN’s Mini PTZ camera provides the perfect discreet surveillance solution.

  • Scan-360 is a low cost IP radar for site security. It detects humans and vehicles over the full 360 degrees with a total range of 400 metres (200m in all directions). On detection the radar automatica ...
  • Scan-360 Protecting Car Compounds

    19 Feb 2020 N Smith
  • Latham's Steel Fire Exit Door Range

    19 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Latham's Steel Security Doors fire exit door range will offer a level of security and protection for your property, whilst giving an easy means of escape in an emergency situation.

  • Latham's Steel Personnel Door Range

    19 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Our range of steel security personnel doors will secure your property with full customisation options available to suit your needs.

  • Official Partner of both Uniview (UNV) IP Systems and AJAX Security Systems.

  • Webfleet Solutions

    18 Feb 2020 Webfleet Solutions
    Power up your fleet management and make even smarter business decisions with the new WEBFLEET. WEBFLEET is the award-winning Software-as-a-Service fleet management solution from TomTom Telematics, des ...
  • STARVIS Camera 24hrs Time Lapse

    10 Jan 2020 LILIN UK

    LILIN UK's newest range of STARVIS cameras provide stunningly clear images, regardless of the time of day. 

  • Latham's Steel Security Doors Front Door Range

    17 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Latham's Steel Security Doors range of High Security Front Doors are perfect for security conscious property owners, who don't want to compromise on style.

  • Latham's Steel Security Doors Company Details

    17 Feb 2020 Latham's Steel Security Doors

    Latham's Security Doors are the UK’s leading specialist of premium stock steel doors, holding the largest range for residential, commercial & industrial sectors.

  • EMCS, one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres, discuss how Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, reduced false alarms and allowed them to ...

    01 May 2018 WEY TECHNOLOGY
  • Quick, simple and affordable – Tigris TS-007 Cylinders are Kitemarked, fully patented, 6-pin cylinders. Tough as old boots but precision built for reliable performance year after year.  Choose wisely. ...
  • KBC Networks

    12 Feb 2020
  • We created a completely new security system. With our passion for science and love for art, we made it to be super-reliable, elegant, and easy to install and control.