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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK


Security Cameras


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  • Exploring the importance of accreditations when deploying a new keyholding system

  • Many European organizations are currently auditing their security setups as a response to the European Union’s NIS2 mandate. This mandate provides legal measures to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

  • Henley Case Study

    29 Feb 2024
    Henley Enterprises Leverages Orchid VMS for Nationwide Rollout
  • HALO raises $20M Series A investment from Volition Capital will accelerate the adoption of its highly scalable and affordable video evidence-gathering technology that safeguards lives and businesses.

  • Mobile credentials represent a significant improvement in office building and workplace security compared to plastic employee ID cards and fobs. And Apple Wallet employee badges take security enhancement up to the next level.

  • Hotel Electronic Access Control

    23 Feb 2024 Eva Macij

    One of the primary concerns of any hotel operator is ensuring our guests' safety while providing a seamless experience. Traditional electronic access control systems in the hospitality industry, like key card systems, have served hotels well for decades. However, their shortcomings are hard to ignore. Cards can easily be lost, demagnetized, or cloned. The cost of replacing these cards and the environmental waste they create can't be overlooked either.

  • Hampshire Police

    01 Feb 2023 Paul Roberts

    The scope of works for Thinking Space included the brief of 4 different desk designs for the 96 positions. The desk designs had to meet the furniture layout arrangement that Showcase PSR had worked with the client to achieve.

    Central to this design was 3 large horseshoe desk arrangements, one for each geographical region, Southampton, Portsmouth & the Isle of Wight. All desks installed were height adjustable and accommodated up to 4 screens per position. 

  • Stadiums, sport arenas and entertainment venues host hundreds of events for thousands of visitors every year whilst also safeguarding sponsorship revenues which require large-scale security, operation processes, people power and on-going monitoring with reporting.

    It is commonplace to have video surveillance systems (CCTV) installed at venues of all sizes to assist the physical and operational security personnel.  The benefits of video surveillance extends beyond that of just security, if paired with video content analytics, and in most cases this doesn’t require a full hardware upgrade, we can increase revenues with operational efficiency and the guest experience, along with safeguarding sponsorship opportunities.

  • Hyderabad Airport - India

    17 Nov 2023 Zack Davidson

    APS helped to secure Hyderabad Airport perimeter using our Electro-fence. There was 17.4 kilometers to be protected. No issue for an APS system.

  • Advancing technology has opened new possibilities, from touchless, biometric identification through to integration with other smart building management systems, which allow for non-security benefits such as adjustment to heat and light based on building occupancy.

    With so many possibilities, Facilities Managers can play a key role in helping architectural specifiers choose the right type of entrance control system. So, what do you need to consider?

  • – With the announcement of the name change, the company expresses its intention to lead innovation in the field of global vision solutions.

    – Hanwha Vision will provide business insights and tailored solutions for customers’ surveillance needs and operational proficiency across the enterprise by integrating AI and cloud into its leading vision technologies.

  • The Impact of Vacant property Government data released in November 2022 reveals over a quarter of a million long-term empty residential properties across Britain, excluding the thousands of empty comm ...
  • Jordan Mooney of Vanguard Services in Bournemouth thinks security is one of the most stressful, high-octane industries because everything is last minute.  ‘If you’re not organised, you’re not going to ...
  • Hey IVY!

    26 Feb 2024 Commend UK

    In the age of information, smart technologies are becoming more and more frequent in our day-to-day lives. Products like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home and becoming commonplace in people’s homes and workplaces, but how do these technologies transition into the professional environment? What if we were to use a smart assistant to do more than just weather updates and play music via voice command?

  • Affected by supply chain disruptions? Can't get hold of pinhole cameras? Look no further... our pinholecameras are out of sight, not out of stock... 
    2022 has seen supplychain disruptions across the globe, but some manufacturers have fared better than others, and HanwhaTechwin is one of them!
    Learn how Hanwha Techwin manages to keep production running:

  • Our annual look at the trends in video surveillance is now online and focuses on cutting-edge technologies including AI, computing at the edge, and the convergence of the IoT. Our look at the trends that will dominate the market in 2023 also explains why cybersecurity and the responsible use of technology will become increasingly important.

  • The worldwide microchip shortage was caused by chip manufacturers having to cut production or shut down during COVID-19, customers cancelling orders as demand for products dropped, and then an unexpectedly rapid rebound in demand that suppliers weren’t ready for.

  • As the talent drought bites, countries across the world are feeling the pressure to work more efficiently.

  • AI-driven cameras are about to change the way we live and work for the better. The number of security cameras worldwide is predicted to reach a billion in 2021. The combination of AI and next-gen open camera technology will go far beyond security to transform every aspect of life – and not in a “Big Brother” way.

  • In 2002, there were 631 million Internet users worldwide. In 2020, there are 4.54 billion. According to research conducted for Science Magazine, in the late 1980s, less than 1% of the world’s information was stored digitally. In 2007, less than two decades later, that number had increased to 94%. It’s hard to wrap our heads around the pre-Internet world, before CGI, GPS and email existed. Looking back, however, it’s clear to see that the digital revolution changed the world swiftly and irrevocably.


The Safety & Security Event Series