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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK


Security Cameras


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  • Defence Composites Canine Armour

    15 Mar 2024 Jason Rigby

    The Tornado and Hurricane multi threat protection armour is now in use in over a dozen UK Police Forces and the Hi Viz harnesses are in service with UK Search and Rescue teams. Throughout the UK the canine protective harness is being introduced and Defence Composites have continued to develop and evolve them with police forces. 

  • Datasheet 2024

    29 Feb 2024
    Video made simple.
  • Even during normal circumstances managing the security within the workplace comes with its own challenges. 2020 has been exceptional in more ways than one; the majority of employees are working from home or on flexible working hours and companies are now looking into the viability of reducing their office space and subletting space within their building. 


  • Introducing DNAKE's Android-based door phone S615, which converges video communication, touchless access control, robust & user-friendly design, security functionality, and more for any application.
  • Experience seamless home communication and door access control with our most advanced indoor monitor H618 yet. This premium 10.1” monitor combines sleek, modern aesthetics with the power of Android 10 ...
  • Do You Have Power?

    28 Oct 2022 Quality Essential Distribution

    The head of the National Grid has recently warned the UK of blackouts during ‘deepest, darkest’ winter evenings. Due to extremely low gas supplies, power could go out between 4pm and 7pm on some ‘really, really cold’ evenings in January and February if Europe faces further cuts from Russia.

  • A three-product combination designed to thrive in remote environments, December’s Product of the Month is the Dahua Solar Solution.


    17 Oct 2023


  • Digital Forensics Incident Response Services

    16 Feb 2021 3B Data Security
    Harness the years of experience of 3B Data Security’s team of highly skilled Core PFIs, incident responders and digital forensic investigators to help your organisation. Whether you have: Suffered a d ...
  • Top 5 Ways AI and Data are Powering the Smart Cities of the Future 

    The world we live in is becoming more and more urbanized by the year. According to a 2009 study by the United Nations, 1.3 million people move into cities every week, and by 2040, 65 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities. The growing pains felt by these urban centers can be seen across a number of indicators, from rising crimes rates to increased traffic. With more dense populations and a need to maintain a higher quality of life, cities are looking to leverage advancement in technologies to make themselves safer and more efficient.  

The Safety & Security Event Series