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The Security Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham


Security Cameras


  • Magnetic High Speed Barriers

    22 Feb 2024 FAAC Ireland

    Magnetic Barriers high speed / high use barriers, renowed for their extraordinary service life of up to 10M cycles.

  • Magnetic FlowMotion® generation of pedestrian access control products redefines the sector. 

  • The AIRSLIDE system combines the automatic opening and air curtain systems into a single unit.

  • FAAC FDS Transmitters - New

    22 Feb 2024 FAAC Ireland

    FAAC FDS Transmitters, the evolution of the species. New FDS technology (FAAC Digital Signature)

  • FAAC JS Bollards - Perimeter Protection

    22 Feb 2024 FAAC Ireland

    FAAC JS SERIES BOLLARDS. The new standard in perimeter protection security bollards. 

  • FAAC B680H Hybrid Hydraulic Barrier, suitable for any and all application types. 

  • FAAC KEYDOM - Access Control Solutions

    22 Feb 2024 FAAC Ireland

    KEYDOM is FAAC's new access control solutions platform that is intuitive, ready to use, and easy to deploy.

  • Reliable and durable products backed by years of experience, the new 746C and 844C for sliding gates.

  • Our NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operates 24/7/365 - protecting people, property and assets. The Clearway ARC is manned by trained security personnel who effectively and efficientl ...
  • Company overview

    21 Feb 2024 CoreWillSoft GmbH
  • Predator Radar - River Thames Primary Target Tracking

    21 Sep 2021 360 Vision Technology
    360 Vision Technology Predator Radar Solution tracking vessels on the River Thames, London. Mounted on board the HQS Wellington, moored at Temple, and configured to stay on primary (first) target, jus ...
  • Demonstration of white light capabilities on the Invictus PTZ
  • Predator Ultra 'No Glow' Covert IR in Operation

    22 May 2021 360 Vision Technology
    Take a look at the performance of Predator's 940nm "no glow" IR 
  • Predator Ultra Low light Colour Performance

    24 Mar 2021 360 Vision Technology
    "I can't believe it's still in colour" ... Predator's fabulous low light performance shown here.
  • Predator Ultra 40:1 Zoom

    10 Jan 2022 360 Vision Technology
    Take a look at our Predator's awesome zoom capabilities!
  • 360 Vision Technology - Product Information

    07 Apr 2022 360 Vision Technology
    Overview of 360 Vision Technology's products and key technologies
  • Building A Safer Tomorrow

    22 Feb 2024 Comelit-PAC
    In this overview video, discover how our innovative solutions and initiatives enhance safety standards across various sectors. Together, let's create a world where everyone can thrive with peace of mi ...
  • inView Detect is an autonomous intrusion detection system utilising battery and solar power that facilitates rapid deployment, combined with simplistic set up, to a wide variety of applications such a ...
  • Certification is independent third-party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. Our experts conduct thorough testing to verify that products perfor ...
  • Certification (or approval) is independent third-party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. BRE offers independent third-party certification to e ...
  • BRE’s electronic security team possesses a high level of knowledge and expertise which is applied to the provision of UKAS-accredited testing and certification services for a range of intrusion detect ...
  • Unleash the mobile digital access potential with EXRead!

  • Decode and dispaly 1,4,9 or 16 ONVIF RTSP cameras at a time on this low cost decoder . Local files can also be played (eg adverts) as well as the whole screen can be re encoded and streamed

  • Company Intro

    18 Jan 2022 Microlink Networks
  • Access AtWork® introduction

    Nedap Security Management

  • iSentry - Our Platform, Your Solution

    09 Feb 2024 Radek Dzik

    iSentry is a full spectrum AI analysis platform for real-time monitoring of video surveillance even of complex scenes.

  • K-DAG Securi-fix post, with its special design, does not allow any intervention from the outside, maximising security with the privilege of mounting from the inside, making entry attempts the most dif ...
  • Proactively detect and address exit route obstructions using Blocked Exit Detection. Reduce or eliminate fines from occupational health and safety organizations, such as OSHA.

  • Why AMAG Technology

    07 Feb 2024 Kim Rahfaldt

    From the in-depth product line to the amazing people and resources, AMAG Technology President, David Sullivan highlights the benefits of choosing AMAG Technology.

  • Learn more about SentriGuard and its features!

  • Wavestore stands at the forefront of video management solutions. We empower people and businesses with proactive solutions for a constantly evolving world.

  • TRUEN AI Solutions

    24 Jan 2024 David Han

    TRUEN offers several AI solutions. "All-in-one" AI solution at the Edge Level. All AI event Metadata can be sent via Onvif. (All of TRUEN's cameras are Onvif Compatible)

  • See how EntrySign works with Asbestos SMART (by UKNAR) to ensure contractors and key personnel are made aware of asbestos-containing materials and their location within your premises via the sign-in p ...
  • The sign-in process is often the first point of engagement with visitors. That’s why EntrySign provides a professional visitor journey; from the initial pre-booked email to arriving at your organisati ...
  • Our ever-growing range of direct integrations makes it easy to connect EntrySign with your existing systems, saving time, increasing security, and improving workflow. Direct integrations include time ...
  • The safety and security of your staff and visitors is paramount and part of this is knowing exactly who is on your premises at all times. EntrySign provides a live view of who is currently on-site and ...
  • EntrySign makes it easy to collect important health and safety information about your visitors and contractors during the sign-in process. Health and safety-related questions, notices and policies can ...
  • During the sign-in process EntrySign collects essential visitor information in an open and informed way. Custom notices, policies and NDAs can be displayed for visitors to read and accept and when sig ...
  • EntrySign is an advanced sign in and visitor and contractor management system for small to large schools and organisations in the UK and worldwide. With a range of customisable features and smart inte ...
  • Feel like the super hero of your home with myQ! Just Download the free app to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere. Learn more at #justdownload #myq ...
  • myQ

  • The new generation of LiftMaster exterior gate operators combines the highest quality standards in materials and manufacturing. Whether swing or sliding gate – the 24V DC motors work powerfully and as ...
  • Introducing Smart Video Intercoms Range

    Revolutionise the way you connect and identify visitors to apartments and commercial buildings with our next-generation smart entrance video stations. 

  • The Plock 2 is ZKTeco's next generation parking lock that requires no manual operation. Compared with traditional parking locks, Plock 2 offers a fast and convenient experience for vehicle owners. 

  • ProFace X - Outdoor Facial Recognition Terminal

    16 Jan 2024 ZKTeco Middle East

    The ProFace X is an award-winning outdoor access control facial recognition terminal.

  • The mTS1000 Series a compact tripod turnstile easy to integrate with any access control solution, into environments where space is limited. 

  • Introduction to ZKTeco's Atlas Series

    16 Jan 2024 ZKTeco Europe

    Atlas is a scalable multi-door access control solution with embedded software, designed and engineered in the USA.

  • Introducing ZKTeco's ProMA Series

    16 Jan 2024 ZKTeco Europe

    ProMA is a high-end outdoor multi-biometric access control standalone terminal built with ultra-robust aluminum alloy casted casing.

  • Stafford Bridge: About Us

    12 Jan 2024 Stafford Bridge
  • Tindall Engineering: About Us

    12 Jan 2024 Tindall Engineering
  • The ProSeries platform, our ultimate connected security solution, offers your customers the most comprehensive and integrated security system all under one roof. Our largest-ever range of supported ho ...
  • Communications Providers are currently in the process of upgrading their customers from the existing analogue PSTN network to new IP-based services.

  • CSL Connected is trusted in over 50,000 sites as it offers a professional solution, exclusive to approved Installers. 

  • For over 25 years, CSL has been a leading provider of critical connectivity. Today, we have over 2 million connections supporting business and mission-critical IoT applications across Europe. 

  • HiveWatch was founded to revolutionize the tired and aged security industry and enable organizations to create more efficient security programs by reducing data noise, complexities, and cost.

  • Car Theft Failed

    03 Jan 2024 Reolink UK
  • Allow visitors and contractors authorised access to your site by simply scanning a QR code via a mobile device.
  • If you want to see the true sub 18mK capability of the NEW Pulsar Telos XP50 at long range (up to 1000m), mid range (60m - 200m) and close range (20m - 50m); in the pitch black of night, as well as du ...
  • It’s the FIRST real field test of the new Pulsar Telos XP50 and Telos LRF XP50. But this is no ordinary field test comparison… we picked some of the toughest conditions for any thermal to deal with an ...
  • Probably the BIGGEST benefit to owning any thermal device is detecting animals (or people) at a VERY LONG RANGE. In any weather, day or night, without you being spotted or disturbing the the wildlife ...
  • If you're thinking about buying some thermal binoculars you need to watch this to deciding which Pulsar Merger will do the best job you need it for. See lots of side-by-side field test footage, showin ...
  • There's no question that the Pulsar Merger thermal imaging binoculars are amazing at detecting and identify animals (or people) day and night and in all weather... but depending on your needs and budg ...
  • A complete field test of each model in the Pixfra Ranger series, with through the lens footage taken in the field.

  • Altronix eBridge™ Ethernet over Coax Solutions allow you to upgarde to IP utilizing existing coax infrastructure, saving time and labor!
  • Altronix Pace™ Long Range Ethernet Solutions extend range up to 500m over structured cable or 1000m ocver a single pair.
  • Deploy multiple IP devices in remote locations with or without local power, utilizing fiber infrastructure. Learn how the Altronix NetWay Spectrum series protects critical infrastructure by providing ...
  • Altronix Tango™ PoE Driven Power solutions provides faster, safer deployments by utilizing 802.3bt to deliver 12VDC & 24VDC simultaneously with LiFePO4 battery backup.
  • A video showcasing three elements of Keynetics' access control systems: the most secure key safe, the platform and the app.

  • A SentriGuard® key safe attack test by BRE

  • In this video, we compare three Uniview camera series: EasyStar, LightHunter, and ColourHunter.

  • These cameras offer wide field-of-view coverage and utilise Uniview's deep-learning AI technology for superior surveillance. 

  • Automatic Systems Augmented Reality App

    22 Nov 2023 Jo Bainbridge



  • Common Myths Surrounding Electric Fencing

    17 Nov 2023 Zack Davidson

    Common myths surrounding Electric Fencing

  • Flexiguard

    17 Nov 2023 Zack Davidson

    APS introduces Flexiguard

  • i-spi by Netcelero

    26 Oct 2023 Netcelero
  • i-ctrl by Netcelero

    26 Oct 2023 Netcelero
  • About Us - Netcelero

    26 Oct 2023 Netcelero
    Who we are and what we do - Netcelero - Simplifying Secure Connectivity
  • This short video shows how the i-spi by Netcelero, simplifies secure connectivity enabling any ARC to monitor CCTV sites remotely.
  • AMG160 EXTEND-NET Series

    16 Oct 2023 Steve Songhurst
    AMG’s Ethernet Extender range provides equipment to extend Ethernet and PoE over long distances of copper cable. Multiple technologies are available with transmission distances up to 3 km, which ensur ...
  • New on-product emergency power

    02 Oct 2023 Dan Delaney

    All new onboard emergency power

    • Central cloud-based user management that works in real-time
    • Use the app to arm/disarm individual devices
    • Postpone arming times or change arming schedules from anywhere
  • With Reconeyez Time-Lapse, you can easily create & share stunning time-lapse videos of your construction sites, real estate developments, or any project that requires capturing the progress over time.

  • CyberLock Explained

    20 Apr 2023 Sellox Limited

    A brief overview of the powerful but flexible CyberLock system.   Control access anywhere in the world without the constraints of power and installation complications.

  • TDSi Managing Director John Davies previews The Security Event 2023 and looks ahead to some exciting product launches anticipated for the event in April.

  • The Controller 7000 Single Door (C7000 SD) is a powerful and robust network-connected controller, providing a complete and flexible solution for your business expansion. 

  • An overview of the System V range of Security Camera Mount components and Off-The-Shelf Kits from B-Tech AV Mounts.
  • Illustra Pro PTZ Video

    03 Apr 2023 Johnson Controls - Security Products

    Pro Gen4 2MP & 8MP IR PTZ Outdoor

    Maintain Control and Detail with a Responsive, Accurate PTZ

  • Active Fiber Monitoring continuously monitors fiber optic links for tiny power losses that can indicate someone is eavesdropping on the link. This video shows how Active Fiber Monitoring helps protect ...
  • Continuous PoE

    31 Mar 2023
    Make deployment simple by connecting and powering devices without any interruption.
  • Total Autonomous Networking ensures business security and agility, with powerful automation and optimization features for wired and wireless devices across the LAN and WAN.
  • What products does Allied Telesis offer?

    31 Mar 2023 Steve Webber
    Let Steve Webber, Channel Manager for the UK & Ireland explain!
  • Booking Bay

    27 Mar 2023 MyTAG

    MyBookingBay is a paperless loading bay management service which allows you to manage your bays, drivers and deliveries efficiently and safely.

  • Element offers testing to PAS24 and other standards to assess the physical security of construction products. See an example of soft body impact testing in this video.

  • Element offers testing to BS6375-1 2015 Weathertightness Testing for doors and windows

  • Element offers testing to PAS24 and other standards to assess the physical security of construction products.

  • A video showing some of the door and window tests we perform at our Wednesbury Laboratory.

  • Hardware testing at Element including door hardware and operational testing, quality control, durability, corrosion resistance, U-value calculations, UV and vibration testing.

  • Inner Range-YouTube

    17 Mar 2023
  • Networks are the lifeblood that organizations rely on to survive in modern business. For over 35 years, Allied Telesis has been offering global networking solutions.
  • Better Inside, More in Sight

  • Make Tomorrow Traffic Smarter than Today

  • Go beyond security, Go for smarter traffic

  • An AI Speed Dome Camera with Smart Rain-sensing Wiper

  • Simplify Video Management, Enhance Your Security

  • Professional & Intelligent Video Management Platform for Medium to Large-scale Projects

  • Hi, 3D Radar! Hi, Smart Traffic!

  • Industry-leading 5G, IoT and AI Technologies

  • FlipX Advanced Indoor PIR/ Dual Technology Grade 3 Detector

  • We at OPTEX advocate a multi-layered approach to your security setup. 

  • Monitoreal is the ultimate solution for monitoring your property's perimeter! Our device allows you to include or exclude zones in connected cameras' field of vision, giving you complete control over ...
  • Monitoreal's state-of-the-art video surveillance device is the ultimate bolt-on solution for all your security needs. Our device seamlessly connects to new or existing security cameras of any popular ...
  • The Monitoreal device is the ultimate surveillance solution that seamlessly connects to new or existing security cameras of any brand, and detects 21+ different object types. Whether you're a business ...
  • Transform your video surveillance into a cutting-edge awareness system with Monitoreal!  Our solution works with all modern security camera brands and adds an intelligent analytics layer to your exist ...
  • Webinar - QR & NFC Reporting

    01 Jan 2023 Guardhouse
  • Webinar - Welfare Checks

    01 Jan 2023 Guardhouse
  • A Wire-free Leap Ahead

  • Put your home to work for you with smarter home technology powered by

  •’s Smarter Business Security combines intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, and energy management into a single, cost-effective solution. 

  • Arc Celebrates 20 Years

    25 Feb 2023 Arc Monitoring Ltd
    In 2019, Arc celebrated 20 years of intuitive, bespoke monitoring beneath the wings of Concorde.
  • Crime in the UK - What Monitoring can offer

    25 Feb 2023 Arc Monitoring Ltd
    How can a monitores system prevent crime in the UK?   
  • 3xLOGIC Purpose Video

    22 Feb 2023
    3xLOGIC, we make security management easier, more efficient, and more powerful than ever. With insight that empowers outcomes, 3xLOGIC gives greater visibility for those who want to see the bigger pic ...
  • Why Become a Certified Dealer? If you're looking for new innovative security and business solutions, we have you covered. The 3xLOGIC Certified Dealer Program has been designed around you. Our advisor ...

    22 Feb 2023
    VIGIL CLOUD™ is a cloud-managed video solution that gives you the power to view, manage, and share your video anywhere, at any time, on any device. It's the perfect solution for small to mid-size busi ...
  • 3xLOGIC Ecosystem

    22 Feb 2023
    Our ecosystem of complementary products, including video surveillance systems, access control systems, mobile apps, and software, are deeply integrated to provide an entire security and business solut ...
  • How Lollipop helped the Fenix Monitoring website to get more traffic, leads and customers.

  • Borealis User Interface Overview

    22 Feb 2023 Cerys Taylor
    A short video tutorial on how to use our new user interface. 
  • Borealis UI

    22 Feb 2023 Cerys Taylor
    Borealis is designed to work on multiple devices, allowing you to manage and monitor your access control from anywhere. With an internet-enabled browser, you can always keep track of your security by ...
  • Borealis - Cloud Based Access Control

    22 Feb 2023 Cerys Taylor
    We are excited to announce the release of our new Borealis UI. This cloud-based solution is managed from a web browser, making it easier to log in and manage your access control solutions from anywher ...
  • Farfisa have launched a gateway which forwards your video calls to your mobile phone or smart device.

  • Jim Foster visits Italy and reflects on the growing partnership with Farfisa Intercoms.


  • BAS-IP Link - secure access for each apartment

  • Developing metadata-enabled enterprise video products is complex. Nx Meta makes it simple. If you can imagine it - you can build it with Nx Meta.
  • AMAG's Dynamic Manufacturing Plant

    27 Jan 2023 Kim Rahfaldt

    AMAG's Dynamic Manufacturing Plant

  • A video that explains what the policing tactic Project Servator is and the vital role the public can play in acting as extra eyes and ears, and reporting any suspicious activity.
  • See, Check and Notify (SCaN) aims to help businesses and organisations maximise safety and security using their existing resources. Protect your organisation from a range of threats with SCaN training ...
  • Texecom Monitor provides a suite of turn-key digital tools and services to leading ARCs and installers specifically designed to help grow and optimise your business.  

  • New Impaq S G3

    Unparalleled Grade 3 Intrusion Protection: Security at its Best

  • Introducing The Midnight Black Collection

    Simplicity, Intelligence and Strength working for you and with you.  



  • LightSwitch is a smart switch from Ajax with a large touch-sensitive panel that can be activated both by tap and contactless. With LightSwitch, it's easy to turn on lights and floor lamps, and control ...
  • The detector reacts on first signs of fire due to the unique smoke chamber, dual-spectrum optical sensor, two thermistors, carbon monoxide and smoke sensors, and sophisticated software that minimizes ...
  • To help users evaluate the dynamics of air quality, we created LifeQuality, a smart air quality monitor with the carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature sensors. It has been proven that poor air qua ...
  • The revolutionary WaterStop device is a single mechanism which combines a high-quality valve and a powerful electric actuator with a control unit that connects to the hub using the Jeweller encrypted ...
  • Night Sabre Application Update

    06 Feb 2023 Jason Hill
    Night Sabre security deterrents application update
  • Commend presents the next masterpiece of quality and technology, the newest Outdoor Intercom station, od1. Sleek, compact and packed with all the latest Commend Symphony Cloud capabilities: that's od1 ...
  • In this video, Simon talks us through our fantastic shipping process in a little more detail, including more fun facts and plans for the future.
  • What you didn't know about the od22
  • What you didn't know about the od22

    03 Feb 2023 Commend UK
    We are back with another #CommendShort and part one of our new od22 #miniseries! This time, Phil talks us through some of the key features of the innovative od22.
  • As your business grows, managing and retaining visibility of your workforce and contract delivery becomes a struggle. That's why leading FM providers use Timegate. Timegate is a cloud-based workforce ...
  • Fortus Video

    02 Feb 2023
  • Build efficiencies in your operations that your staff will love and so will your customers.

  • Biometric Access Control Card with RFID, Palm or Face recognition by ZKTeco.

  • Postroom

    20 Jan 2023 MyTAG

    MyTAG Postroom removes all paper-based records from buildings’ mailrooms.

  • MyAcademy online training reduces the time spent on site carrying out face-to-face induction training for contractors and staff.

  • MyTAG Key and Asset management

    20 Jan 2023 MyTAG

    MyTAG Asset Management 

  • A short video from our Zitko Managed Service Team talking about their role in the company and why it's so great.
  • There are more than 350 million video surveillance cameras worldwide recording around the clock, every day, producing overwhelming amounts of video data that is largely untouched. What if you could dr ...
  • Assa Abloy - Synguard

    11 Jan 2023 Assa Abloy
    Access control is today much more than allowing access to a building in a controlled way. Those who want to manage a building smartly and efficiently opt for an integrated solution that also allows vi ...
  • Synguard stands for the automation and digitalisation of your entire access management: access control, visitor registration, parking management, lockers, electronic key management, lifts, ... Synguar ...
  • WD Purple - For a Smarter World

    22 Dec 2021 A Western Digital Video
  • Secury360 explainer video

    21 Nov 2022 Secury360
  • Link to Web page AMG2034 Introducing the AMG 2034, the industry's first 4U retractable rack. Its short depth and heavy duty slide out mechanism ensures an easy ...
  • AMG launch the 570 Compact the latest in the AMG570 product series, the industrial layer 2+ managed Ethernet switch range! AMG570 web page AMG2034 https://www. ...
  • People and vehicle detection
    Optimising traffic flow, automating business operations and increasing passenger safety at scale and speed. 


  • Remark AI Smart Safety Platform (SSP) is an AIoT platform performing real-time face, pedestrian, vehicle, and object analytics on existing security cameras with low deployment requirements.

  • Optimising traffic flow, business operations and the saftey of individuals at scale and speed.

  • MyTAG RAMS is an innovative, cloud-based Health and Safety software that allows you to create and manage all your Risk Assessment and Method Statements digitally.

  • DeepAlert

    04 Apr 2022 DeepAlert

    DeepAlert Company video

  • Concept Pro

    31 Mar 2022 Videcon

    Videcon - The home of Concept Pro 

  • The GARDiS App provides a number of features including People Management, Live Events information, Door Control, and Visual Verification, through compatible Android and Apple iOS devices.

  • Robin Hughes explains the advantages of servers designed for surveilance applications.

  • Secure Logiq, a UK manufacturer of servers for HD Surveillance applications, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 

  • Ben Yoxall, Sales Director, Secure Logiq at Intersec 2022 in conversation with Shadi Dawi from TECHx Media.

  • Peter Mawson speaks with Jermaine Campbell, Senior Sales Manager at Seagate Technology and Ben Yoxall Sales Director of Secure Logiq about the storage product relationship between the two companies.

  • Peter Mawson speaks with Jermaine Campbell, Senior Sales Manager at Seagate Technology and Ben Yoxall Sales Director of Secure Logiq about the main drivers behind video, servers and storage trends.

  • Peter Mawson speaks with Jermaine Campbell, Senior Sales Manager at Seagate Technology and Ben Yoxall Sales Director of Secure Logiq about the recently formed partnership between the two companies.

  • HKC App

    23 Mar 2022 HKC

    The HKC App has changed how alarm owners manage and monitor their security systems today. The App gives peace of mind and complete control from any location. 


  • Toria's Tech Talk

    09 Mar 2022

    Join Toria's Tech Talk for training & latest product updates

  • Perfect surveillance partner, Mini PTZ with Auto-Tracking & x25 Optical Zoom. See for yourself on DDS stand 3/J20

  • Have you seen Uniview Tri-Guard Series?

    All-in-one Cameras with built in:

                     Sound  | Visual | Deterance


    Come and see on DDS stand 3/J20

  • Uniview Dual Lens PTZ

    15 Mar 2022

    See Latest technology Dual Lens PTZ on DDS stand at The SecurityEvent  2022. 

  • Hanwha Techwin has announced that its new 54,543m2 manufacturing facility at the Que Vo Industrial Park in the Bacninh Province of Vietnam is now fully operational.

  • MyTAG Proof of Compliance

    02 Mar 2022 Mike George

    MyTAG Proof of Compliance allows you to demonstrate that you have complied with all relevant legislation and regulations, ensuring that your building and its occupants are kept safe. 

  • We're discussing the latest GARDiS Software and Hardware developments scheduled for 2022 as Managing Director John Davies gives a rundown of what's in store for 2022.

  • A summary video of the amazing TSE event last year that brought the industry back together after a tough year, helping businesses spread brand awareness, see familiar faces and to check out the latest ...
  • A promotional video for the Zitko Talent Programme which provides fast-track entry into the security tech industry.
  • The Akuvox E18C is a combined advanced Access Control Unit and SIP Door Intercom device all in one.

  • The flexibility of AEOS access control

    Nedap Security Management
    What makes AEOS Access Control so powerful? How does it adapt and scale as your needs change? Why can AEOS integrate easily with third-party systems? The answers to these questions and more are all he ...
  • ZKTeco launches SPB Pro Parking, a powerful all-in-one integrated solution based on a high performance parking barrier, a vehicle detection radar, and a license plate recognition camera.

  • Mars Pro Series is the latest and finest creation from ZKTeco, designed to deliver an ultimate user experience, boost safety levels, and allow seamless integration.

  • Hey IVY 🤖 The AI Assistant

    22 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    Introducing IVY, our AI assistant. 🤖 Aimed at increasing operational efficiencies and improving customer experience. Get in touch today to find out more -
  • In this video, Phil talks us through Commend's cloud-based solution for modern, multi-tenant buildings in smart cities. 
  • Commend UK Crowd Control Solution

    18 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    In this video, James talks us through Commend's solution for crowd control on train platforms and busy smart cities.
  • James is back with another Commend Short showcasing 3 factors of authentication on our od10 for friction-less building access. 
  • Introducing CommendAi

    18 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    Introducing the multifaceted CommendAi. Available now through
  • Introducing the od22 smart assistant, launched exclusively at The Security Event 2021. 
  • In this short, Rory talks us through 5 interesting facts about our brand new communication kisok, the od22. For more information please contact us at
  • The Age of CommendAi is now

    18 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    Our brand new fully cloud-based solution uses IP cameras to provide crowd detection, facial recognition, number plate recognistion, weapon detection and much more.
  • Introducing CODA by Commend UK

    18 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    Manage the visitor security of your building with our secure and simple QR code entry solution.  

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