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  • What If?

    04 Jun 2021 Peter Long, Key Account Executive
    OK, standby power is not the sexiest of subjects, but it is an important one. Those of us in the Fire and Security sectors are in the “WHAT IF” business. The systems we put in place are for “IF” a fir ...
  • One of the biggest challenges our industry constantly wrestles with is how to achieve a balance between safety and security. How do you keep occupants safe in an emergency without compromising the security of a building? This conflict frequently plays out in discussions of fail safe versus fail secure products. It’s important for installers to understand where each type is most suitable for use

  • Webinar: Intro to Access Control

    Monday 7th June 2021 - 09:30-10:30

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  • Harrow Council Case Study - Horrow Council manage video redaction with Facit's Identity Cloak
  • Smart Count Brochure

    02 Jun 2021
    The simple, cost-effective solution that plugs into your existing CCTV; Our People Counting software determines real-time, accurate headcount of people in your building or venue, which can now be reda ...
  • Identity Cloak enables schools to take in-house control of FERPA video records compliance. The most desirable outcome when sharing video is that PII is protected of all but the students to whom the vi ...
  • One of the big 4 grocery retailers in the UK "better off" with Identity cloak in-house video recation software  
  • Learn how our real time occupancy solution works. 
  • Document Redaction privacy software is needed to protect people’s personal data in order to comply with strict EU GDPR privacy compliance. Facit’s document redaction software provides a simple and cos ...
  • West midland council authority, case study on Facit's Video Redaction Software Identity Cloak
  • Live video redaction software has become an urgent requirement. From local authority control rooms to body-worn cameras worn by emergency services, systems intended to capture CCTV footage for immedia ...
  • Today, multi-brand distributor, Oprema has announced a new partnership with Ava Security. Founded in 2020, Ava’s vision is to help organisations detect, monitor and respond to threats in real-time acr ...
  • The A22K is our 3rd generation of ATRIUM, featuring high levels of encryption and flexibility. The A22K brings high security from enterprise level installations to the mid-market.

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  • NEWS: CDVI Catalogue (Edition 2) now available!

    28 May 2021 Rebecca from CDVI

    Edition 2 of the interactive 2021 CDVI Catalogue is now available for digital viewing and download. 

    Packed with more than 40 new products, the 2021 catalogue covers all of CDVI's product ranges, from access control and door entry through to locking, biometrics, and accessories. 

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  • Cloudview reveals next gen product

    28 May 2021 Liberty Comms

    Cloud video surveillance pioneer Cloudview reveals next-generation cloud video recording solution following successful funding rounds

    • Investor confidence in Cloudview unlocks £3m in new funding

    • Investment boosts release of next-generation cloud video recording technology

    • New CEO Keith Cornell describes new service as “industry gamechanger”

  • DATASHEET: RX128-XPL High Security Receiver

    27 May 2021 Sophie from CDVI

    RX128-XPL is a high security receiver with two relays. 

    • High security 2-relay receiver
    • AES 128-bits encryption
    • Keeloq® Hopping Code
    • Up to 500 transmitter memory capacity

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  • Did you catch the AJAX event last week?

    Amazing new products were announced including a DuelCurtain Outdoor, Keypad Plus and MotionCam Outdoor.

    All these products are the absolute cutting edge technology in security and well ahead of their time!

  • Axiom Xa

    25 May 2021 RBH

    Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. Axiom stands up to the challenge by combining Access Control and Alarm Monitoring with Video, Building management automation, Asset tracking, Guard tour and Visitor management, and many more important security functions into an elegant and versatile security management solution. Harnessing the power of the Microsoft SQL Server™ and powerful MS .NET™ framework, Axiom is positioned on the cutting edge of the modern security technology. Adding new applications and solutions is easy due to the flexibility of the underlying software and hardware platform. Solid architecture and highly customizable, flexible user interface provides powerful tools for Enterprise Security management. Robust and highly sophisticated hardware implements a variety of flexible solutions at a firmware level. Designed and manufactured “in house”, Axiom offers unmatched longevity and will ensure a long life span for a security investment. Axiom provides a sophisticated yet affordable solution for systems of all sizes.

  • RBH TO EXHIBIT AT THE SECURITY EVENT 2021 Join us on stand 3a/B50   RBH Security Group Ltd will be attending The Security Event this year to showcase the latest innovations in our access control range ...
  • RBH BLueline

    25 May 2021 RBH

    The blueLINETM series of credential readers combines proven technologies of the past with the emerging technologies of today. Through one product line a customer can maximize the benefits of all credentials complying to ISO-14443 A & B, MiFARE, DESFire (EV1 & EV2), Fingerprint, OSDP version 1 & 2, Ultra-High Security Credentials (UHSC), Mobile Credentials, NFC and Bluetooth to create a customizable security solution that’s right for their infrastructure. blueLINETM has an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing design that fits all solutions from the smallest user to the largest corporation. blueLINETM reads up to 128 bit cards.

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