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The Security Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham


Security Cameras

26 Feb 2024

Hey IVY!

Commend UK Stand: 5/G50

Introducing Ivy, our virtual assistant. Ivy can assist with simple tasks such as FAQs and wayfinding as well as two-way multilingual assistance and even handling ghost calls. Ivy is suitable for a variety of environments and can be personalised to accommodate
specific situations. Not only this, but she can help ease the stress and strains of the operators or those retuning back to work.

At the train station and need a ticket? Hey Ivy! She can help you plan your journey, tell you ticket prices, notify you of real-time delays and even locate the nearest ticket machine.

Lost your ticket in the car park? Hey Ivy! She can help you pay for your parking by locating your car on the internal system and calculating your time spent there. If further assistance is needed or an emergency arises, Ivy can also put you in contact with a professional quickly and easily. 

Need assistance finding your way around campus? Hey Ivy! She can tell you the quickest route to your destination and even translate your conversation into another language if needed. IVY can even take on ghost calls; by monitoring the length of the call and background noise, Ivy is able to interpret ghost calls from real assistance and notify the control room if need be.

Featuring crystal clear audio and voice to text on screen display with type features optional, Ivy is suitable for people of all ages and disabilities to use. The interaction is contactless, simple and effective, giving the public and officials complete peace of mind.

For more information on how Ivy can help your business, contact

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