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  • When Guaranteed Communication Is Vital

    29 Mar 2021 Grahame James

    Telguard have been providing high level security solutions for schools, colleges and universities for over 25 years. We understand how the needs and requirements of each site can be very specific, so whether you need a single dedicated point of call i.e., a caretaker or reception, contactless access using an integrated proximity reader, or to automatically open, latch open and close entrances at certain times of the day, we have a solution that suits you or your customer!

  • CONTENT: ievo Biometric Solutions

    29 Mar 2021 Rebecca from CDVI

    ievo raises the bar for reliability, accuracy, and efficiency in the biometric access industry. Designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ievo’s best-in-class technology combines innovation with robust security. Download the brochure now!

  • Ribblesdale High School sits in the heart of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. They were looking to replace their ageing access control system with as little interruption to daily school life as possible, while designing a reliable solution to meet all the school's access control requirements. ATRIUM was the solution they chose. 


    23 Mar 2021 TAKEX EUROPE LTD
    TAKEX EUROPE LTD, a leading Japanese manufacturer of active and passive infrared perimeter intruder detection sensors, are pleased to announce the launch of a new 12m x 180 degree dual-zone outdoor PI ...
  • GJD, an award-winning manufacturer and designer of smart electronic perimeter detection and high-performance LED illumination equipment, is excited to announce the launch of its new NETWORK Bridge product

  • ERA, one of the UK’s leading home security and fenestration component providers, has today announced the appointment of Helen Downer as the UK and Ireland President of its parent company, Tyman plc. Tyman UK and Ireland encompasses ERA Home Security, Zoo Hardware and Access 360 businesses.

  • Knowledge is Power

    15 Mar 2021 Sam Roney

    At Commtel, we think it's really important that the whole company have a high level of product knowledge. Not just how they work, but how they're built, tested and packaged too!

  • For financial services firms, cyber-attacks are the bank robberies of the digital age. Since the advent of computers, criminals no longer need balaclavas, guns or a getaway car on standby. Today’s cyb ...
  • Have you ever been to Cairo airport? Security in local Duty Free zone since 2019 has been ensured by our ultra-rugged IP CCTV cameras. It was a special order for Egypt main air-gates. Now exactly the ...
  • Here at Commtel, we will be able to fulfil all your intercom system requirements, with a Telguard unit designed with you in mind. Whether you’re needing it to service your house, your workplace with 300 offices, or a block of 1000 flats, no job is too large or small for us!

  • Multi-brand distributor, Oprema announce a new partnership with innovative GSM-based intercom and access control technology company, Intratone. Offering state-of-the-art wireless solutions, Intratone ...
  • 4G LTE – What does LTE stand for?

    11 Mar 2021 Grahame James

    Since launching 4G LTE products in 2019 due to 2G GSM network reliability issues, there is still confusion over what LTE actually stands for. ‘Lite’?, ‘Lifetime Telguard Excellence’?, ‘Little Telguard Elves’? 

  • Skyhawk & Rescue

    09 Mar 2021
     Seagate drives now include Rescue Data Recovery Services matching the duration of your warranty — helping you defend against data loss.
  • After identifying the need to streamline their security options, 31-story Chicago high-rise installed the Glassgate 200 resulting in 262% ROI

  • Fortus Group Executes Transformational Acquisitions of Enterprise Security Distribution Group and CCTV Monitoring Market Leader Re:Sure Intelligence

  • IDL has developed a new cost-effective, entrance control solution that can help business owners adhere to social distancing guidelines

  • Hermes Investment Management chose Fastlane's Glassgate 150 was to secure the restored Ascent 1 building within Farnborough Aerospace Centre

  • Fastlane's Glassgate 150 was chosen to secure the newly refurbished office building in Covent Garden from unauthorised entry

  • Fastlane Turnstiles delivers a seamless user experience when securing new luxury multi-tenanted London office

  • As the focus shifts to online shopping, it's important that retailers examine the key considerations to secure their warehouses effectively

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