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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK

The Security Event 2024 Agenda

Security Cameras


Integrated technology: How ecosystems of product enhance security efforts 

01 May 2024
Professional Security Officer Conference
Professional Security Officer Live
In a world with hundreds of technology options and providers, how can security leaders select the right technology to ensure success? Unfortunately, this abundance of options can lead teams to adopt multiple pieces of technology ultimately leading to decreased efficiency and overall confusion. When looking for technology to force multiply current security efforts, leaders must understand that there isn't one answer. Technology needs to work in harmony to provide the necessary synergy to invoke change. Enter integrated technology. Integrated technology means that each solution can work in a singular system to provide multiple results instead of multiple solutions for one result. When deployed correctly, integrated technology can create an ecosystem that allows security leaders to focus on necessary tasks rather than focusing on managing data, technology updates, or other administrative tasks. Learn how to find ecosystem solutions and how to maximize your value for customers through integrated technology in this strategic conversation about the future of technology.
Paul Strozier, Head of International - Axon

The Safety & Security Event Series