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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK

The Security Event 2024 Agenda

Security Cameras


Building confidence and advancing careers

02 May 2024
Security Leaders Summit
Security Leaders Summit

This session aims to explore strategies for identifying and leveraging unique strengths and skills to stand out in the security industry.

•    Strategic Mindset for Career Advancement - Learn from Haig's extensive experience in leading management roles and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. Discover how a strategic mindset can position you for career advancement in the security industry.
•    Confidence Building Blocks - Learn practical tips for building confidence in professional settings, including overcoming imposter syndrome and harnessing the power of positive self-talk.
•    Navigating Career Pathways - Gain insights into navigating the complexities of career advancement, including how to seek out mentorship, networking effectively, and the importance of continuous learning.
•    Personal Growth Stories - Hear firsthand about the speakers' journeys, including pivotal moments, challenges overcome, and the strategies that have propelled their careers forward.
•    Networking for Success - Discover key networking strategies that can open doors to new opportunities, including how to make meaningful connections and nurture professional relationships.

This session is designed to inspire and empower attendees, providing them with the tools and knowledge to build confidence, advance their careers, and make a meaningful impact in the security industry.

Haig Armaghanian, CEO of Haig Barrett Partners Ltd, Strategic Advisor, Podcaster, Angel Investor, and Freeman of the Company of Entrepreneurs - Haig Barrett Partners Ltd
Arevika Stepanian, Board Director at ASIS International – UK, Director of CX – STM Group (UK) Ltd, NED at Skills for Security, and Member of the Executive Team at NAHS - STM Group (UK) and ASIS UK

The Safety & Security Event Series