The Security Event

25-27 April 2023
NEC, Birmingham


Security Cameras


  • Talking, shouting, sneezing, or coughing are common actions that generate aerosols. In enclosed spaces, these aerosols can remain suspended in the air for hours. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, clean air must be brought in and potentially contaminated air removed. That is why ZKTeco focuses on providing complete real-time Air Quality Monitoring Systems with a complete Access Control portfolio.

  • We are pleased to present our New Biometrics USB Readers & Embedded Modules Product Catalogue 2021!

  • ZKTeco launches FBL5000-D Pro Series, an automated self-service flap barrier turnstile designed for entrance control clearance and visitor management through verification of National ID Cards and Passports with optional RFID/NFC, QR Codes, biometric facial recognition, or a combination of modalities.

  • 2021 changed the business landscape forever, and created new security challenges. More people working remotely means more risk of data theft, and more remote monitoring of sites means new health and safety requirements.

  • Winsted will be returning to The Security Event, on stand B20 showcasing their latest console – The VUE.

  • Nx Witness VMS v4.2 is an iterative release focused on improved Desktop client performance and usability, and features to help users manage Systems from Nx Cloud more easily!

  • As another year comes to a close, Commend recaps on some of their best charitable and team building activities from the past twelve months. Macmillan Coffee Morning In September, the Commend team held ...
  • From a small start-up in a living room in Salzburg, Austria to a worldwide company with 23 subsidiaries and partners, Commend has come a very long way in the last 50 years. The fact that we range at t ...
  • Introducing the od22

    18 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    Commend UK have released their latest product, the od22. An all-new smart assistant communication kiosk officially launched at The Security Event 2021. Featuring two contact-free calling buttons and a ...
  • It’s the Age of AI for Commend UK

    18 Feb 2022 Commend UK
    Commend UK have announced the release of their latest smart, cloud-based solution - CommendAi. With the world continuously changing, populations expanding and habits evolving, cities, buildings and pu ...
  • Keri Systems is excited to be attending the Security Event 2022 to exhibit the very latest innovations in access control, featuring an extensive range of security solutions including cloud and on-premise. 

  • The new AMG350 Series Industrial Unmanaged Switches are now available in 6 options including full copper port versions when SFP fibre connections are not required. 

  • Find out the top 5 ways to ensure visitor safety and security, with Yardi Bluepoint visitor management integrated with access control, by downloading our latest whitepaper.

  • Comelit-PAC is attending The Security Event, as the first show since the acquisition when the team will be together to present as an all-encompassing security provider of door entry, IP access control, CCTV and compliant fire safety systems.

  • Access control and visitor management working together provide an enhanced experience for visitors to buildings. Paul Speariett, a co-founder of Forge and regional director at Yardi, spoke to Security Journal UK about the many benefits and some of the challenges for access control enabled access for short-term visitors.

  • Edge analytics are a buzzword in video surveillance. Simply put, edge analytics are video analytics on the ‘edge’ of the network, in the camera itself – and they’re getting increasingly powerful.

  • The worldwide microchip shortage was caused by chip manufacturers having to cut production or shut down during COVID-19, customers cancelling orders as demand for products dropped, and then an unexpectedly rapid rebound in demand that suppliers weren’t ready for.

  • More and more companies are migrating from traditional analogue CCTV systems to IP network-based solutions, which offer next-gen multi-megapixel ultra-HD cameras and allow users to monitor and manage the system and record, store and retrieve images from anywhere in the network using a PC or smartphone.

  • A recent report from the Security Research Initiative combines a triumphant tone with stark warnings. The survey, ‘Covid-19 and the implications for the security sector: what happened and what has been and is being learned?’ polled 500 industry professionals. 83% felt that security had performed well during the pandemic.

  • As the talent drought bites, countries across the world are feeling the pressure to work more efficiently.

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