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8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK


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03 Feb 2022

ZKTeco's Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring Systems | Access Control

ZKTeco UK Stand: 5/L20

ZKTeco's Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring Systems: Comprehensive Access Control

ZKTeco's AQD-WM300 (RS485) CO2 Air Quality Monitoring Device, can be connected to a building's Access Control system with ZKBioSecurity and work to bring the levels back to the optimum level by activating ventilation, introducing fresh air, and helping to create a healthier, safer, and more productive indoor environments. A compact and portable device suitable for desktop or wall-mounted applications that can measure indoor Air Quality within 1.5 seconds.

CO2 Monitoring + ZKBioSecurity: Real-time indoor air quality monitoring

ZKTeco Air Quality Measurement Terminals measure toxins and chemicals in indoor air and provide instant air quality information. By providing real-time air quality actionable insights, ZKTeco can respond with integrated solutions to create healthier, safer, and more productive indoor environments:


1. ZKBioSecurity 'All-in-one' Software

ZKBioSecurity is ZKTeco's all-in-one Access Control software that enables tracking of real-time air quality within enclosed areas and manages devices for a comprehensive understanding of air quality levels and their relevant health risks. Customizable filter alert function.


2. Air Quality Monitoring

AQD-WM300 (RS485) Air Quality Monitor is a system controller integrated with NDIR CO2, HVAC, and Laser PM2.5 sensor, to monitor and display density levels of CO2, PM2.5, temperature, and humidity. It releases signals and directly controls operations of ventilation fans.


3. Access Control Panel

If the system detects that the air quality in a particular area does not meet the standards and is potentially harmful to human health, ZKTeco Access Control Panels can enable access lockdown of a particular area, multiple areas, or complete lockdown.


4. Magnetic Locks

ZKTeco Electronic Locks are controlled by the Access Control Panel and the Air Quality Control monitor according to the air quality level.


5. Ventilation Fan HVAC

Ventilation Fans and HVAC systems are under the direct control of the Access Control Software and they can be activated or deactivated depending on the air quality levels.


AQD-WM300 (RS485) Every Industry needs an Indoor Air Quality Controller


AQD-WM300 (RS485) includes a demo and a communications protocol for integration with Smart Homes and Building Management Networks, thanks to RS485 connectivity.



✔ Wall-mounted integrated air quality controller
✔ RS485 communication protocol
✔ Multiple sensors: PM2.5, CO2, temperature, and humidity
✔ Real-time particle concentration monitoring
✔ Compatible with ZKBioSecurity, our all-in-one security platform

Application Scenarios: Create safer everyday environments

An ideal solution for system integrators and manufacturers, to create better solutions for their clients in all kinds of application scenarios: Residential ventilation systems, Business ventilation systems, Industrial ventilation systems, small to medium enterprises, IT parks, and government organizations.

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