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29 Jul 2021

What a talent partner brings to the party

Cento Fire & Security Stand: 5/G8

All business owners know how vital it is to attract the right talent, and to retain those high-performing individuals that take a business forwards. But with the so-called 'war on talent' only hotting up and the competition intensifying, it is harder than ever for businesses to succeed with recruitment.

For this reason, most hiring firms are looking at the use of talent solutions providers to assist them - seeking specialist recruitment consultancy for everything from hiring talent through to providing engagement consultancy.

So whether your business is in the manufacturing, engineering or energy sectors, you need to trust the right talent solutions provider to help you attract skilled professionals in the field. Here are some of the best reasons to identify a trustworthy hiring consultant to take your business forwards. 

1. Access to specialist skill sets

A great recruiter will have the in-house skills needed to provide an expert outsourced recruitment function to your business - saving you the time, hassle and expense of maintaining an in-house team.

2. Flexibility

Recruiting partners will work with your business to provide the services that you need, whether you recruit only occasionally, need specialist executive search, or tend to recruit on a cyclical basis. Again, this allows you access to the flexible resources that you need, when you need them.

3. Cost-effective

It is extremely expensive to maintain an in-house recruitment team, who will need regular training, systems investment, and the costs of everyday hire, development and ongoing training - not to mention management. By partnering with a hiring consultant, you obtain the services that you need without the punitive costs of permanent support staff.

4. Service

A trustworthy consultant is your biggest asset in the bid to attract, hire and retain excellent staff, and these agencies are naturally focused around service delivery and customer satisfaction. Look for an recruiter that offers you features such as a named account manager, account reviews and consultancy. The relationship should work on both sides and offer real value.

5. Speed

When you need staff quickly, a recruiter can help you to secure the resources you need - fast. The recruiter will have a pre-selected pool of relevant candidates, looking for work in the sectors you want to recruit in and they can match up potential hires with your needs quickly and efficiently.

6. Strategy

Smart businesses know that talent management involves more than just sporadic hires. Great businesses invest in employee engagement, talent development schemes, succession planning, apprenticeship models and more. An experienced recruiter can provide consultancy and strategy to help you to develop the right employer brand and to build a continuous pipeline of exceptional talent that wants to work in your business.

7. Results!

Recruiters will always evidence their results so that businesses can establish their ROI - something that in-house teams may not evidence in the same way. This makes it easy for your business to see the value that your recruiter is providing and to put a monetary figure on it.

So if you are serious about bringing in the right talent to your business - cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently, consider finding a talent partner that will help you to achieve your people goals in the best possible way.

Why not contact Cento Group today on 01509 615290 and discover the difference for yourself.

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