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01 Jun 2023

webeyeCMS could save you 40% a year in costs

Webeye Stand: 5/B10

WebeyeCMS, Webeye’s cloud-based security solution, won the Could/SaaS category at the Benchmark Innovation Award 2022 for a consecutive second. We spoke to Chris Coughlin, webeye Group Commercial Director, who shared with us what is ‘unique’ about webeyeCMS.

Chris says, “webeyeCMS is the first cloud-only alarm handling platform tailored specifically for the CCTV industry. WebeyeCMS is an intelligent platform that uses fail-safe methods via the cloud to send, receive and monitor alarms. It’s a video monitoring solution that does not require a capital infrastructure.”

SaaS (Software as a service) is a cost-effective and efficient way of managing security needs. Cloud-based, webeyeCMS has been designed to be straightforward, easy to configure and use, and cost-effective.

Chris continues, “webeyeCMS was created to be 100% cloud-based, giving our partners in monitoring stations and control rooms the flexibility to run a business without the need of extensive infrastructure within the company or specific software and dedicated equipment. Customers can save up to 40% a year in costs.”

Not having to make a significant investment in servers and complex infrastructure already provides substantial savings. In addition, integrators and installers do not have to spend time on-site configuring and maintaining I.T. resources. As a cloud-based solution, upgrades and bug fixing are done remotely and safely by webeye. 

The pay-as-you-go service provides fault-less reliability

“Webeye has been running now for ten years, and we have had 99.99% up time. WebeyeCMS is hosted in a Tier 4 Data Center, guaranteeing 99.995% uptime per year (26.3 minutes of downtime annually)” points out Chris and adds, “We are so proud that we publish it on our website; you can see it running live at any time.”

Before joining Webeye, Chris worked at Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC), NSI Gold and non-NSI Gold, which were clients of webeyeCMS.

“The webeyeCMS platform, which can be accessed through a web browser or mobile devices, is so simple to use that when we had a new person, we trained them on webeyeCMS before giving them more difficult stuff,” shared Chris.

Speed is of the essence on webeyeCMS. Chris says that “An engineer can set up a system from start to finish in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.”

Notifications are also super fast, being delivered to a user as quickly as 3 seconds from the moment an alarm is triggered.

The alarm data and video footage are transmitted to the webeyeCMS platform when an alarm incident is detected. The cloud service processes the data and ensures load balancing to ensure vital data is captured. The data is securely stored on several servers, ensuring that the critical video evidence is retained before an outage occurs.

The system incorporates the patented PADARC with checks and balances for fail-safe alarm delivery. Should any part of the delivery fail, the system is programmed to bypass the fault and move to an unprecedented number of backup systems to ensure you receive the alert. webeyeCMS is a fully audited system, recording time, date and operator instantly, so when and who answers the alert is instantly logged. 

webeyeCMS has integrated artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the platform, allowing alarms to be automatically handled if certain conditions are met. It also includes Calipsa, a false alarm filtering platform that verifies human or vehicle activity to improve alarm accuracy.

Given that many alarms could potentially be life-threatening, it is not advisable to rely on ‘Send and Forget’ type technologies used by our competitors, e.g. email or SMS.

webeyeCMS works similarly to a monitoring station but uses automation to call and alert clients directly, allowing the identification of real threats. The system records and notes all actions and will keep making contact until the alert is acknowledged.

All events are stored in the cloud for the ultimate peace of mind, and video events can be viewed for two years or up to six years if required.

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