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15 Sep 2023

The Ultimate Network Setup: UDM Pro and UniFi Integration

Cadmus Distribution Group Stand: 5/G107


The UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-PRO), built by Ubiquiti, is an all in one OS Console that seamlessly blends advanced security, routing capabilities and comprehensive network management. Designed to have a sleek appearance and formidable hardware, the UDM-PRO has gained considerable attention within the networking industry.

The UDM-PRO’s popularity derives from its versatility in addressing a wide spectrum of networking needs, catering not only to small businesses and large enterprises but also to homeowners with an eagerness for optimising their home networks.

Unified Network Management:

Some of the key hardware features of the UDM-PRO include its 8 port Gigabit switch and its Dual WAN ports allowing for automatic connection to a secondary internet source in the event that your primary internet source goes down. It also has a built-in firewall that protects from online threats.

Some of the key software features include: its Network Controller allowing you to manage your UniFi Switches such as the USW-24-POE or USW-Pro-48-POE and access points including the U6-LR or UAP-AC-PRO. The UDM-PRO has UniFi Access control, designed for controlling access to a premises, and also it’s UniFi Protect support to manage your security cameras such as the G5 Bullet Camera or G5-Pro to your network and manage them directly from your device (this includes viewing live feeds and recorded footage).

Not to mention its extremely dependable and superior performance and functionality. The main feature of having the UDM-PRO in your set-up is allowing you to manage all your APs, switches and UniFi cameras through a single interface, this is a huge benefit as it maximises efficiency while minimising your spend and effort.

UniFi has recently released its UniFi Network 7.5 updated with new features such as topology, simple latency testing, WiFi coverage visualisation and more. To read more about this check out our Introducing UniFi Network 7.5 blog.

Use Cases:

This adaptable device effectively caters to a diverse range of networking needs, making it particularly advantageous for the following scenarios:

1) Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: With its advanced features and high-performance capabilities, it serves as an ideal solution for companies seeking a robust and dependable network infrastructure.

2) Tech-Enthusiast Homeowners: If you demand superior performance from your home network, whether for streaming 4K videos, engaging in online gaming, or managing a smart home, this device unquestionably meets your requirements.

3) Networking Enthusiasts: For those who derive enjoyment from exploring intricate network settings and advanced functionalities, this device offers a rich array of features that are sure to be appreciated.


It’s clear why the UDM-PRO stands out as a tough competitor in the realm of networking solutions. It’s more than just a router, evolving into an all-encompassing network device that seamlessly integrates advanced security, routing and network management capabilities into a sleek, unified package.

The device exhibits impressive performance, effortlessly handling bandwidth-intensive activities while delivering reliable and consistent functionality. Its versatile array of features, including an 8-port Gigabit switch, dual WAN ports, and an integrated firewall, positions it as an adaptable choice for a broad spectrum of networking requirements. The UDM-PRO also has an intuitive interface that streamlines setup and management.

With all of these advanced features, setting up your very own ultimate network tailored to your specific needs has never been more appealing, and with our Premium Support offering, it’s also never been easier to get up and running.


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