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28 Apr 2021

Transparency = Retention

Zitko Group Stand: 3a/E1

It’s a fairly tough market in recruitment currently, so now more than ever transparency is key. With widespread redundancy over the last year, there are a lot of candidates who are accepting jobs that they wouldn’t have previously considered. This is likely to cause retention issues within 6-12 months, when a better suited job becomes available once the market improves.

On the other hand, candidates who survived redundancy are sitting tight and are hesitant to move in the current climate. This is making recruitment a tough job and why utilising the support of a specialist agency is even more valuable right now.

By engaging with a recruiter who really understands your business, you will improve your chances of retaining your hires.

A good recruiter will spend time to speak with applicants, engage with passive candidates and also search more directly before providing a shortlist of candidates who are a good fit for the job, the company & the future, not just someone that needs a job now…

Being able to have a detailed & transparent discussion about your business & the vacancy means that the passive candidate is more comfortable in applying. If it is all about speed & time, you are less likely to get it right… you may get the job filled quickly, but you may also be looking to fill that job again in 6 months.

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