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8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK


Security Cameras

19 Oct 2023

Template on Mobile: My Privacy, on My Mobile

Suprema Stand: 5/J60

In recent years, the landscape of access control has transformed significantly due to evolving technology trends and increased awareness of privacy and security concerns. Biometric access control systems, which rely on unique biological traits for authentication, have gained prominence as protectors of sensitive spaces like offices and buildings. However, this transition presents a complex set of challenges.

The growing adoption of biometric access control systems is driven by their precision and diverse modalities, ranging from fingerprint recognition to advanced facial recognition. This expanded capability offers identity verification once considered science fiction, leading organizations worldwide to embrace biometrics as a vital part of their access control strategies.

Nevertheless, this surge in adoption has raised pressing concerns, particularly regarding the safeguarding of sensitive biometric data. In an era marked by data breaches and heightened privacy concerns, protecting this valuable information has become a top priority, aligning with stringent privacy regulations like GDPR. Concurrently, the ever-evolving mobile technology landscape has ushered in an era of convenience and connectivity, making the intersection of biometric access control and mobile technology highly relevant.

In response to these challenges, Suprema, a leading player in the biometric access control industry with over two decades of expertise, introduces the innovative 'Template on Mobile' (ToM) feature within BioStar 2. ToM represents a mobile access paradigm, securely storing facial templates on users' smartphones, eliminating the need for reliance on company servers for biometric data storage. This strategic shift empowers users with enhanced privacy and security, placing control over sensitive credential data in their hands. 

Let’s find out more about innovative features and benefits of ToM.

Privacy Data Security 

ToM enables users to securely store their facial credentials on their smartphones, mitigating the need to entrust companies with the protection of their sensitive biometric data. This feature significantly aids organizations in achieving GDPR compliance by eliminating the necessity of storing users' biometric data on central servers, thus decentralizing data management.

Enhanced User Convenience 

Mobile access using ToM empowers users to enter buildings using their smartphones. Users don't have to carry physical keys or RFID cards, which can be lost, forgotten, or damaged. Moreover, users can autonomously update their image or biometric data used for authentication without request for a change to the administrator to improve authentication performance.

Streamlined Management and Unlimited Scalability

ToM simplifies the task of administrators by allowing users to enroll their biometric credentials independently, without requiring administrative intervention. Additionally, since users store their credentials on their smartphones, companies can save storage capacity and achieve unlimited scalability without the need for additional servers.

Heighted Security

ToM integrates mobile access and biometric authentication into a multi-factor authentication(MFA) method. ToM makes access more secure while still being convenient.

Suprema offers the largest variety of MFA(Multi-factor Authentication) credentials in the entire industry, being compatible with facial authentication, fingerprint recognition, RFID card, PIN, mobile access, QR code and barcode credentials. Suprema’s the most advanced AI based facial recognition access control solution, BioStation 3, added ToM service to the features. BioStation 3 provides contactless and variety of credential options. Both the companies and users can access the innovative features of ToM, ushering in a new era of convenience and security.

For more information about Suprema’s multi-credential options and BioStation 3, please contact a Suprema representative.

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