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07 Feb 2022

Speed Gates for Smart Entrance Control | Mars Pro S1000 & Mars Pro F1000

ZKTeco Stand: 5/M90

Improve your building's management practices with the Mars Pro-S1000 & Mars Pro-F1000 enhanced anti-tailgate performance, including up to 16 pairs of Infrared sensors. With a sleek modular design, screwless build, and a snap-fit for quick installation and maintenance, the Mars Pro Series makes work faster than ever, providing a comfortable and contactless passage.

The Mars Pro Series modular design speed gates allows choosing the passage width and height of the acrylic barrier leaves to best suit your needs, providing  improved security and commodity.

Main features:


  • Smooth and extra silent operation

  • Enhanced anti-tailgate performance

  • Multiple verification methods: RFID, Fingerprint, QR code

  • Security in case of emergency

  • Low power consumption

  • Easy installation with minimum maintenance

  • Elegant and compact design

Mars Pro S1000 Swing Barrier 

The Mars Pro Series provides a secure and effective way of managing the flow of visitors and staff in entrance halls, high-traffic areas or retail.

With smooth operation, high durability, and multiple verification methods, the Mars Pro S1000 swing barrier speed gate is an optimal choice of entrance control.

  • Single-Lane Speed Gate
  • Barrier movement: Swing
  • Multiple verification methods: RFID, fingerprint, QR code

  • 16 pairs infrared sensors
  • Switchable Reader Panel
  • MCBF: 10 million
  • LED Indicator
  • Servo motor
  • Lane width: 600mm (≤900mm)

  • Noise: <60dB

Mars Pro F1000 Flap Barrier 

Upscale office or hall entrance ways and enhance your security system with ZKTeco's Mars Pro F1000 flap barrier contactless speed gate technology.

Mars Pro F1000 flap barrier speed gate offers superior durability and cost-effective entrance control solutions designed for high-traffic volume.


  • Single-Lane Flap Barrier 
  • Barrier movement: Flap

  • Barrier material: Acrylic or Glass

  • 16 pairs infrared sensors

  • Switchable Reader Panel

  • MCBF: 10 million

  • LED Indicator

  • Brushless motor

  • Lane width: 600mm

  • Noise: <60dB

Application Scenarios: Upscale and enhance your security system

ZKTeco’s Mars Pro Series is specially designed to meet evolving requirements in the market and is widely used in many practical scenarios including, airports, stations, gyms, government buildings, hotels, and banks:

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