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14 Dec 2023

Solink® Brings Forward Vision to Redefine the Future of Video Surveillance with Generative AI

Solink Stand: 5/L27

Solink’s Sidekick AI™ to unlock the value of generative AI for video surveillance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OTTAWA, ON, December 14, 2023 – Solink®, a leading physical security company for businesses, today brings forward its vision to redefine the future of video surveillance through generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). At a time of rapid global innovation, Solink is at the forefront, helping customers unlock the potential to provide powerful insights, and drive efficiencies with GenAI technology. AI has the power to transform the physical security industry by allowing users to get real-time insights within their camera network – it’s like having a dedicated team watching every camera all the time. The economy of scale of AI will allow businesses to create custom use-cases without the need for programmers or proprietary cameras. 

These are the 3 pillars Solink will leverage to lead this transformation for customers:

  1. Removing day zero configuration and tuning
    Historically, computer vision applications required extensive initial configuration to achieve precision. Each camera would require a level of expertise for a human to identify an area, an object or a condition to be met. Moreover, each camera would also require ongoing tuning over time. This made traditional video analytics challenging and costly to scale en-mass. GenAI revolutionizes this approach, eliminating the need for human configuration. The model can understand the scene and adapt the way a human does without machine-based constraints like trip-wires, regions of interest, etc.
  2. Context matters
    Video is a single silo of information. Enriching video with other sources of data  such as third-party integrations, meta-data, and relative camera positioning, will provide meaningful context for Large Language Models (LLMs) to make more informed decisions.
  3. Continuous training
    The best learning models will drive the highest value and improve the scale at which people depend on them. Models are trained and labeled by humans. Historically, that process has been tedious and costly. Solink’s goal is to create models that are self-training, that will learn over time, and improve accuracy through both supervised and unsupervised methods. 

GenAI integrated in Solink products

“Solink intends to weave generative AI technology into our platform. Customers have told us that they want to experiment without constraints. We are building a foundation to provide customers the ability to experiment through the video and integrated data already in Solink; we are aptly naming this Solink Sidekick AI,” said Mike Matta, president and CEO, Solink.

The AI-assisted capability with Solink Sidekick AI will enable customers to ask complex questions in conversational language about their footprint and quickly receive synthesized answers saving hours of work. 

This will empower users to interact with their locations in real-time through the lens of their surveillance cameras. From broad inquiries like ‘How is my business currently operating?’ to specific questions such as ‘Are my shelves adequately stocked’ or ‘Which restaurant has the busiest drive-thru?’ – Solink Sidekick AI delivers instant, actionable insights in seconds. Customers will be able to identify key risks, resolve questions, analyze video feeds, and generate powerful insights in plain language.

Solink Sidekick AI is available through an opt-in private beta. Find more information here.

Matta adds, “With GenAI, Solink is not just another Video Management System (VMS) but a partner in your business’s growth and security. With Solink Sidekick AI, there’s no longer a standard use case – customers can ask any question. The possibilities are as diverse and dynamic as the businesses we serve. Continuing to support our customers on this journey will enable them to harness this new technology as we build on the opportunities ahead.”

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