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01 Mar 2021

Smart integrations provide seamless and touchless entrance experience at new luxury London development

IDL / Fastlane Stand: 5/D80
77 Coleman Street, City of London

77 Coleman Street is BNP Paribas’ new luxury multi-tenant office located in the City of London. It is a highly connected building, and is one of only a few in the UK to boast a platinum connectivity rating by WiredScore, the official Mayor of London’s Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme. With this in mind - and with the building being accessed by over 2,000 regular users across seven floors post-pandemic – it is crucial that the entrance security provides a seamless user experience and maintains a sleek and minimal aesthetic, whilst also delivering the required level of security.

Antron Security, one of our key installation partners, was commissioned to manage the installation of the security system, and selected the Fastlane Glassgate 250 to integrate with the Forge Bluepoint visitor management system, Inner Range access control and Kone lifts, to provide the most efficient user experience and facilitate high-level visitor management and destination control.

Integrated Design Limited’s (IDL) capacity to provide bespoke turnstiles that integrate third-party technologies into the turnstile pedestals themselves, rather than being treated as a bolt-on, made the Fastlane Glassgate 250 the perfect solution to provide the smart, touchless and seamless entrance experience the client required.

Authorised regular users carry proximity cards encrypted with their access credentials and destination information. When a card is presented to a turnstile, it connects with the Kone lift destination system which calculates the most efficient journey to the user’s home floor. The lift number is then displayed on the turnstile’s display screen, directing the user to the most suitable lift car for their destination.

When visitors arrive on site, they can check-in using their smart phone by scanning the QR code in the meeting invitation emailed to them by their host, facilitated by Forge Bluepoint. QR readers are built into the turnstiles and, upon scanning, a lift car is automatically called to take the visitor to the floor where they are meeting their host.  When leaving, the visitor again presents their QR code at the turnstile, which alerts the system that they’re exiting the building.

Even on its own, the Fastlane Glassgate 250 is an incredibly high-performing turnstile. The bi-directional swinging glass barriers facilitate the entrance of a high volume of users, and there is an optional locking brake to further heighten its security capabilities. The customised Glassgate 250s feature a powder coat finish, extended tight square ends and glass vanity tops to complement the architect’s vision for the building, while providing a functional and inclusive security solution that enables easy access for disabled users.

Jamie Crane, Commercial Director at Antron Security, comments: “BNP Paribas specified an extremely high-quality entrance control system for 77 Coleman Street, which was capable of integrating with other third-party access control and building management technologies. IDL’s method of integration was superb, as their technical and design teams went to the effort of incorporating the third-party integrations into the pedestal of the Glassgate 250 turnstile itself, rather than treating them as bolt-ons. The aim was to provide an exceptional user experience for tenants and visitors, and the seamless integrations certainly went a long way to helping us achieve this.”

John Austin, Regional Sales Manager at Integrated Design Limited, adds: “We pride ourselves on how flexible and robust our turnstiles are. We have the capability to create bespoke finishes, whether your desire is for discretion or colourful expression, and our turnstiles can be seamlessly integrated with all known access control and building management systems. This is of particular interest now due to a rising need for touchless entrance control solutions as a direct result of the current pandemic, but also because building owners are requiring more from their facilities in an effort to deliver smarter buildings and a smooth user experience.”

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