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06 Mar 2023

Security Spotlight with Jamie Evans: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Oprema Stand: 5/D30

Artificial Intelligence is such a hot topic at the moment that I genuinely considered asking ChatGPT to write this article for me!


What is AI?


AI is means of teaching a computer or software to think intelligently, or - at the risk of sounding righteous - the way humans think.


Historically computer systems had very basic logic applied to them and could only make decisions based on what they were told. Now, with the advances in AI, computers can be fed a dataset and the more data they have, the better they become at making future decisions. 


We can relate this to how our brains work. For example, at an early age, we are shown various “data” of what a dog looks like. We get shown drawings, cartoons, photos, videos, and real-life dogs and are continually told “this is a dog” to the point where our brain can see any dog and know that’s a dog.


Artificial Intelligence works in the same way, we feed a computer enough data about dogs for instance so that in the future it will be able to make its own decision about whether it is a dog or not.


So, what benefit does AI have to the real world? 


AI is being used in all walks of life these days, from weather forecasts to sports to agriculture. I recently saw an AI-powered tomato sorting system that could identify and discard unripe tomatoes in a millisecond.


In our world of security and surveillance, CCTV Manufacturers are using AI-powered cameras to detect humans and vehicles in a scene, reducing motion detection false alarms dramatically. AI is also being used to produce video metadata, enabling an operator to search for specific targets based on the colour of someone's clothing, whether they are carrying a backpack, wearing glasses etc.


At Oprema, we constantly work with our partners to ensure we are at the forefront of this exciting technology available. We would love to share our knowledge with you and help you to leverage this experience for your customers.

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