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20 Jul 2021

Ring: Beyond the Video Doorbell

Ring Stand: 3a/A52
Ring Beyond the Video Doorbell

Ring whole-home security

Ring is on a mission to help make neighbourhoods safer; to create better places to live, work and play by helping people to protect their communities. 


While security might start at the front door, Ring offers more than just a range of Video Doorbells. With Security Cameras, Alarms, and a host of integrations, Ring provides a whole-home security solution for every home. With real-time updates from the Ring app, as well as the ability to see, hear and speak to visitors (or even intruders) as they appear, customers can have the reassurance of 24/7 monitoring of their property wherever they are. 


Beyond the Video Doorbell

Covering every corner of a home, both inside and out, are Ring’s range of Security Cameras. Ring indoor / outdoor Security Cameras are incredibly flexible, offering coverage around the home, while Spotlight and Floodlight Cams can act as outdoor deterrents to intruders, while also recording activity. 


Ring Alarm ties the whole-home security system together. With Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors, users can be notified when someone enters a room or opens a window. If Security Cameras or Video Doorbells are part of their system, these can be triggered to start recording for a better picture of what’s happening. Working together, it’s easy to see how Ring’s devices offer a powerful whole-home security solution that keeps homes and neighbours safe. 


Supporting your clients

Home security systems have been very popular within the smart home market recently. However, while the UK is generally positive about the connected home, many have yet to actually purchase smart home products; either because they’re not sure how the products meet their needs or they’re not yet confident enough with the products to commit.


This creates a great opportunity for installers. The power of consultation, and trusted, in-person advice, is the key to unlocking whole swathes of potential customers, especially if that advice is informed and knowledgeable. 


Through the Ring Professional Programme, we’re here to help installers have meaningful, confident conversations with your customers, and provide you with the guidance to get devices installed quickly and easily.


Members of the Ring Professional Programme find the programme to be “highly informative”, helping to “reassure [my] customers about the level of care and professionalism [I] put into each install”. It’s a great way to deepen your knowledge of Ring’s products and the opportunities available to professional installers within the Smart Home Market.

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