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23 Apr 2024

Retail Giant JD Sports Partners with SelectaDNA in the Fight Against Retail Crime

Selectamark Stand: 5/K60

Sports fashion retailer, JD Sports, are one of the may high-street retailers who are concerned about the growing pressures of retail crime, including shoplifting and staff abuse.

To combat this, JD Sports are introducing a new security measure to deter criminal incidents such as ‘steaming’, where large, organised gangs run into targeted stores, threaten staff with violence then flee with armfuls of stock.

With 1,300 daily incidents of violence against retail staff, and 16.7 million incidents of shoplifting reported in 2023 (source: British Retail Crime Consortium), many retailers are having to proactively seek solutions to combat against this rise. Not only can these incidents be distressing for retail staff and customers, but stores are also losing millions in high-value stock.

As a part of new crime prevention measures, JD Sports have partnered with forensic security company SelectaDNA, to roll-out SelectaDNA Tagging Sprays nationally across their stores.

SelectaDNA is a forensic marking system, which uses unique synthetic DNA and a UV marker to ‘tag’ property and criminals. This unique DNA can then link assets to owners and criminals to crime scenes.

Members of staff have been trained to use the Tagging Sprays at the SelectaDNA headquarters in Greater London. The training session was led by Clair Frame, SelectaDNA's Retail Crime Prevention Specialist.

SelectaDNA Tagging Spray can be used by trained members of staff to tags offenders with a unique forensic ID code which will be registered to JD Sports. Not only does this remove the need for physical intervention, it gives the police a valuable tool that can help track down suspects and link them directly to a crime scene.

Clair Frame, Retail Crime Prevention Specialist for Selectamark, spoke about the new partnership with JD Sports, saying: “With the rising pressures of retail crime, many retailers are seeking assistance from security partners to protect their stores, and increasing the risk of detection is crucial in deterring thieves from shoplifting.

“This partnership with JD Sports marks a great step in helping protect their retail staff, property and premises.

“We have already seen the impact SelectaDNA Tagging Sprays can have in protecting retailers and their staff, by providing the police with the evidence they need to link criminals to crime scenes. We are excited to roll-out the use of our retail crime solution with our new partner to combat retail crime ahead of the Safer Business Action Month in March.”

Ian Williams, Head of Retail Profit & Asset Protection UK & Eire for JD Sports, said: “With the significant increase in retail crime across the UK, we required a solution to firstly act as a deterrent but also support the likelihood of positive arrests in what remains a challenging climate. 

“Criminals continue to evolve with every enhancement made in the security industry, however forensic marking takes things to another level which even the most seasoned criminal can’t evade.

“We continually look for new and innovative ways in which to support our colleagues and disrupt criminals and SelectaDNA offered something different in the fight against retail crime which is supported by most Police forces nationwide.

“By adopting the use of this product across retail, we hope to see a reduction in crime to create a safer working environment whilst also supporting the Police to achieve more successful convictions if an offence is committed with the use of this technology.”

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