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09 Aug 2021

PRESS RELEASE: CDVI Releases CCTV and ANPR Modules for ATRIUM Access Control

CDVI Limited Stand: 3a/D30

Global access control innovator CDVI has released two new modules for ATRIUM access control. Designed to allow the conception and installation of comprehensive building management systems, the new modules allow CCTV and numberplate recognition technology to be used in conjunction with ATRIUM access control.

ACPR (ATRIUM Car Plate Recognition) works with any smart numberplate recognition camera with a 26-bit Wiegand output. Users registered in the ATRIUM access control system have numberplates assigned to them. When drivers approach a gate or barrier, their numberplate is scanned and checked in the ATRIUM database. If the numberplate is registered to an authorised user, the gate or barrier opens to allow access.

ACPR creates a seamless single security environment, with physical access control and parking facilities controlled by the same database. This makes management easier, relieves administrative burdens, and reduces the risk of human error.

AVISION, the CCTV module, provides a reliable video interface for ONVIF, HIKVision, and Dahua cameras. It offers live video streaming, with capacity to show up to four channels at any one time. The CCTV camera feed can also be triggered to pop up when particular security events occur in ATRIUM, such as access granted, access denied, door forced, or door open too long.

By integrating CCTV with the access control system, security officers can benefit from full visibility over their site. Not only can they track event logs in ATRIUM, they can see exactly who has triggered the events; this visibility helps to, among other things, combat the sharing of access credentials by identifying those using other people’s cards.

“The introduction of the AVISION and ACPR modules marks a significant step forward in the continued evolution of the ATRIUM ecosystem. Offering compatibility with the most popular CCTV and numberplate recognition cameras, these modules are designed to be part of a fully coherent building management strategy. CDVI is dedicated to investing in innovation across our entire range, and there will be more exciting releases for ATRIUM coming soon.”

-Paul Ramsay, General Manager, CDVI Ltd


The CDVI Group is a worldwide manufacturer of leading-edge access control and electronic locking solutions, with products ranging from biometric and online access control to electromagnetic locking, keypads, standalone entrance system, and door automation.

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