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13 Jul 2023

New Start, New Chapter, the Product Center of MaxvisionTechnology Corp.Moved to the New Address

Maxvision Stand: 5/L57

Everything is thriving in this hot summer. In July 2023, the work for the Product Center ofMaxvision Technology Corp. moving to the Dongguan new address was completedsuccessfully, and the new Product Center was started formally.

The Dongguan Product Center of Maxvision Technology Corp, which is located at No. 4Factory House, No. 2 Anyue Road, Chashan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China, is acomprehensive scientific research and production base integrating production, test,commissioning and after-sales as a whole.

The new Product Center building is located in Chashan Town, Dongguan City, with total areabeing almost 3 times of the former Shenzhen Product Center. lt is equipped with the first-classproduction equipment, clean and spacious dust-free workshop, professional environmentaltest laboratories, so as to provide guarantee for producing high-quality products. The standarddust-free workshop can meet the higher and higher requirements for the Company's fineproduction of products. The environmental test laboratories have the professional hardwaretest conditions such as high and low temperature, salt mist, waterproof and dust-free, andvibration. The Company believes that, by holding the more advanced production environmentand combining the more standardized production management, we will absolutely provide theclients with better products and services.

In recent years, the Company's business scale and product demands increased continuouslyand rapidly, and the personnel scale was expanded ceaselessly. The former use site of theShenzhen Longhua Product Center building was in the supersaturated state. The movement tothe Dongguan Product Center this time not only provided the employees with morecomfortable and spacious work environment, but also met the Company's higher demands forproduction site in future.

The movement of the Product Center was the witness for rapid development of MaxvisionTechnology Corp.. ln recent years, the Company's products and businesses were upgraded andinnovated continuously, and the client market and service network were also expanded rapidlyAt present, the Company has established multiple branches in overseas regions synchronouslyto serve the global clients. During the 27 years since establishment, from growth to expansion,the Company has always been persisting on the original intention of letting clients feel"heartfelt worriless" "heartfelt relieved" and "heartfelt reassured", and providing clients withexcellent products and services. Despite various transition, Maxvision Technology Corp. willalways practice the concept of"three heartfelt", become a responsible company, and work withclients to create the good future jointly.

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