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18 Jan 2024

Network Optix Announces its acquisition of Scailable BV, an innovative cloud-to-edge AI deployment and fleet management startup based in the Netherlands.

Network Optix Stand: 5/H20

Network Optix is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Scailable BV, an innovative cloud-to-edge AI deployment and fleet management startup based in the Netherlands.


The What:

Established in 2020 by Prof. Dr. Maurits Kaptein, Scailable has pioneered an edge AI pipeline that offers remote configurability, enabling the seamless deployment of any AI model to the edge. With Scailable, users can harness the potential of the latest AI accelerators without the hassle of recoding for specific hardware, ensuring highly performant modular execution of any AI/ML model on any edge hardware within minutes.

“We are excited to join forces with Network Optix, bringing the benefits of edge AI – increased user privacy, reduced carbon footprints, and faster response times – to a global stage. Together, we can ensure real-time AI-generated insights on any video stream without heavy and costly cloud processing.”, Prof. Dr. Maurits Kaptein said about the collaboration.


The Why:

With the acquisition of Scailable, Network Optix adds a new supercharged component to the Network Optix stack, building out its already powerful enterprise video platform with dedicated AI tools. 

The Network Optix Enterprise Video Platform, with over 4 million connected video streaming devices in more than 150 countries, will now empower its users with a tool to deploy any AI model to the edge, enabling users to transform their data into actionable intelligence. This addition introduces an unprecedented value to Network Optix existing and future enterprise deployments.

Applications of this can be seen in various industries, such as Logistics, Transportation, Remote Monitoring, Safe Cities, and more:

  • Logistics: Automatically tagging and tracking packages for instant recall and video verification.
  • Transportation: Measuring traffic density, obstructions, etc.
  • Remote Monitoring: Improving human detection accuracy reducing false alerts and streaming responses.
  • Safe City: Street light monitoring, road quality monitoring, city maintenance ticket automation, etc.
  • And many more…

The incorporation of Scailable's technology also provides substantial value to the Nx Development Platform’s rapidly growing developer community, enabling the deployment of AI models and products with a fraction of the resources. 

“After seeing the power of the Scailable platform I knew we had to bring it to our enterprise and AI product ‘makers’ of the world”, said Nathan Wheeler, Chairman and CEO of Network Optix. “Their hardware agnostic edge-to-cloud capability suite is a perfect match to our well known ability to run on virtually any hardware and I can’t wait to see the incredible data products our community creates”.


The Future:

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, data collection and aggregation are paramount to all industries. With a significant rise in in-house Data Ops teams looking to optimize operational efficiency within enterprise organizations, Nx is on a mission to establish itself at the forefront of this shift. Empowering the creation of intelligent video-based solutions and products capable of converting video into actionable data is the future of Nx.

The acquisition of Scailable marks a pivotal leap toward realizing this vision by giving Scailables highly talented team of edge AI and data developers access to the Nx Platform and its global network of ‘makers’. Expected to launch in Q3 of 2024, Network Optix and Scailable are positioned to unveil a full-stack video data mining tool designed to empower Data Ops teams, enabling them to deploy models and collect data quicker than ever before. 

Adding to this momentum is the inclusion of Scailable's founder and esteemed data scientist, Prof. Dr. Maurits Kaptein, to the Network Optix team, where he will take the lead in an internal DataOps initiative. Along with the upcoming release of Gen 6 in Q3 of this year, Network Optix is positioned for a game-changing trajectory in 2024 and beyond.

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