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24 Jan 2024

Maxvision's Face Recognition Algorithm Achieves Qutstanding Results in the World's Most Authoritative Competition

Maxvision Stand: 5/J55

On January 22, 2024, Maxvision once again achieved outstanding results in the Face Recognition Technology Evaluation (FRTE) competition, the most authoritative face recognition algorithm competition announced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States. In key metric tests, Maxvision's algorithm secured the 5th position in Mugshot-Profile 90* (R=1, T=0), 7th position in Mugshot-Profile 90* (T>0), 8th position in Mugshot-Mugshot ATz12YRS, and 10th position in Visa-Border. Maxvision's face recognition algorithm excelled in all four key metrics, placing it among the top 10 internationally.

FRTE is renowned as the world's largest, most rigorous, highly competitive, and authoritative face recognition algorithm competition. It is considered the gold standard in the industry, with evaluations reaching an accuracy of one in a million. To date, over a hundred companies and research institutions worldwide have participated in this competition, including VisionLabs (Russia), Ever AI (USA), Kakao (South Korea), NEC (Japan), and Idemia (France). In contrast to some companies focusing solely on a single scenario, Maxvision's face recognition algorithm demonstrated balanced development across multiple scenarios in this competition, performing exceptionally well in various scenarios, showcasing strong generalization and wide applicability.

In the various track tests participated by Maxvision Technology, Mugshot-Profile 90~ represents the facial comparison at a 90-degree (extreme angle) view, demonstrating the algorithm's performance across different facial angles. In situations where the camera can only capture side-face 90* information, compared to the previously collected and stored frontal facial information, there is a higher degree of feature loss, making comparisons more challenging. Mugshot-Mugshot Tz12YRS represents the comparison with an age difference of over 12 years, illustrating the algorithm's capability for facial recognition across different ages. As age increases, facial appearance features undergo changes such as wrinkles, spots, and skin sagging, which can make accurate recognition difficult, especially when dealing with age differences exceeding 12 years.

Visa-Border represents the comparison of visa photos with entry and exit photos, showcasing the algorithm's performance in scenarios like ports and airports. The primary challenge lies in handling the comparison tasks between visa photos and on-site inspection photos. Factors such as lighting conditions, changes in perspective and pose, and facial similarity among relatives make accurate identification highly challenging. Maxvision Technology's exceptional performance in these track tests demonstrates its strength and innovation in the field of facial recognition technology. As a company specializing in artificial intelligence and machine vision technology, Maxvision Technology has been dedicated to innovating and developing biometric recognition technologies such as facial, iris, and palm vein recognition, continuously elevating its technological capabilities. Maxvision's AIGC image generation enables the creation of content with few or no samples, significantly enriching the diversity of produced content.

Simultaneously, Maxvision's multimodal Al recognizes, transforms, and generates different modal data (text, images, audio, etc.), leading a new Al interaction paradigm and enhancing the universality and creativity of multimodal fusion AIGC.Maxvision's large-scale models in the smart port industry strive to create exclusive large models that not only possess general knowledge and capabilities but also deeply integrate domain knowledge specific to the port industry and scenes. These models are gradually being applied in a wide range of business scenarios, including duty command, front-end inspection, business consultation, image recognition, and risk analysis.

The outstanding achievements Maxvision Technology attained in this international competition not only validate its technological prowess but also showcase its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Maxvision Technology will continue to leverage its advantages in artificial intelligence technology, continually improving the accuracy and reliability of biometric recognition technology. This empowerment aims to serve more intelligent scenarios and, through Al-driven industry innovations, sustainably lead and propel industry development.

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