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03 Feb 2020

Is your warehouse risk averse?

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It’s a singular management solution for e-learning, classroom-based courses or continued professional development and can be regularly reviewed across how much it’s costing versus the benefits, which can be drilled down to individual employees. Profiling also ensures that all workers are provided with the relevant training appropriate to their role and there is no duplication.

The incident management module also works well for the temporary staff model of modern warehousing where there can sometimes be a ‘claim and blame’ culture, as all aspects and details of any incident or crime can be automatically captured and reported in a timely manner.

Knowing what assets you have – which can be vehicles, buildings, equipment, furniture, etc – and keeping abreast of them all via spreadsheets in different locations can be a logistical nightmare, but the asset management module means you can track, manage and report on them quickly and effectively and optimise their use to save time and money.

Where regulatory, legislative, process or policy changes are being made, the compliance management module means these are reviewed and approved by the right people, in addition to ensuring that the appropriate learning, scheduling and training outcomes are also achieved.

Because of limited information being made available, many organisations struggle with maximising employee performance while also keeping morale high and turnover low, but all aspects of colleague development - including any training and personal milestones undertaken - plus the health of the business can be supported, with GotoRisk providing a systematic and paperless solution.

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