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8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK


Security Cameras

24 Jan 2023


Hanwha Vision Europe Stand: 5/G40
Top 5 Video Surveillance Trends for 2023

1. The use of AI is evolving

To date, traditional video applications have called on AI to reduce false alarms and allow the forensic search of video based on object attributes.

2. Unified Solution with on-premise and Cloud

As cloud-based services have become more common, the number of providers has grown. Users can now easily integrate devices and systems using a cloud service and don’t often need to purchase additional servers and network infrastructure.

3. New possibilities with Edge AI

Edge-based AI technology has become popular among users for its ability to help detect and classify objects. It is now being enhanced with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) technology. This involves using an AI semiconductor which can learn independently and processes video, audio, text or images at the same time by imitating the way the human brain operates. In a video application, NPU enhances edge AI functions to include features such as behaviour analytics and abnormal behaviour detection.

4. Converging technologies

Conventional physical security solutions such as video surveillance, access control or intrusion detection are being expanded through integration with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, AI, and the cloud. For example, an IoT-enabled sensor that detects smoke, temperature, humidity or motion can be integrated with an AI security system to deliver new insights following analysis in the cloud.

5. ‘Zero trust’ in Cybersecurity

Awareness of cybersecurity needs to be raised as new business models and solutions are extended through technological integration with AI, the cloud, and the IoT. Hanwha Techwin has focused on video surveillance for over 30 years and, as IP Video has started presenting prominent threats, has continually emphasised the significance of cybersecurity.


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