Security Cameras

28 Jan 2020



According to industry statistics, almost 80% of the Fire fighters interventions take place for small fires and the new systems have therefore been designed to ensure rapid, effective and safe interventions using modest quantities of water before the fire becomes uncontrollable.

The speed is obtained by containing dimensions and weights in order to utilize light and manageable road vehicles, while the effectiveness and the modest quantities of water are the result of the use of the water mist technique
that turns a jet of water into a very fine mist (1 liter of water at 350bar produces 2 bilions of drops with a drop diameter of 9 ÷ 30 µ and a heat exchange surface of 50m2) able to dilute the O2 of the air by cooling and suffocating the fire as well as creating a thermal barrier on the hot spots.

Furthermore, the use of modest quantities of water is of particular importance, not only because it involves less weight to be transported, but also because it reduces the damages of the intervention which are sometimes greater than those of the fire itself.

Finally, safety is guaranteed by the fact that the Cristanini systems, unlike competitive groups, are perfectly compliant with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/CE All.1).


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