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14 Dec 2021

December Product of the Month: The Dahua Solar Solution

Oprema Stand: 5/D30

A three-product combination designed to thrive in remote environments, December’s Product of the Month is the Dahua Solar Solution.

With an integrated modular design and the ability for remote monitoring via a mobile app, the solution caters to off-grid locations and temporary sites in a wide variety of contexts.

Integrated Solar Panel System (DH-PFM378-B100-WB)

The Solar Panel System benefits from an integrated design, covering external wires and allowing for a clean and convenient setup. The bracket is built of Q235 steel and designed to withstand winds of up to 117mph, offering a reliable solution to unpredictable weather in difficult-to-reach settings.

A 100W monocrystalline panel grants increased light absorbance for efficient power generation even in dusky sunlight, and the system’s Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging controller regulates its power supply for maximum charging efficiency.

2MP IR Fixed Focal Bullet WizSense Network Camera (IPC-HFW3241DF-AS-4G)

With the capability for 4G communication and the option to insert an SD card for on-board storage, the Fixed Focal Bullet WizSense Network Camera can be easily monitored in remote and off-grid locations.

Compatible with Dahua’s DMSS mobile app, Smart PSS and DSS, users can receive alerts of IVS events, accurately identified and filtered using the WizSense algorithm.

The camera boasts 50m infra-red illumination for high quality images in low light conditions and presents its current battery level on an on-screen display.

Integrated Solar Lithium Battery (PFM372-L45-4S14P)

The Integrated Solar Lithium Battery, with IP66 protection grade die casting aluminium and a light, compact structure, is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and benefit from easy setup and adjustment in remote settings.

On a full charge, the battery can power the bullet camera continuously for seven days.

To find out more about the Dahua Solar Solution, get in touch at or on 029 2064 1509.

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