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14 Mar 2024

CIE-Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Volo for Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions

CIE-Group Stand: 5/K70
Volo Cloud

VOLO's cloud-based platform offers a user-friendly and scalable access control solution that eliminates the need for on-premise hardware and software. Key features of the VOLO platform include mobile-first access control which offers excellent personal security by replacing physical keys or key cards, with secure mobile credentials. The system also streamlines access management by allowing system administrators to remotely manage permissions and settings from any device, while also providing real-time insights on who is accessing a facility. Additionally, and importantly, the system is easily scalable, allowing organisations to effortlessly add or remove users and locations as business needs evolve.

“Working with CIE is a really exciting proposition for us,” says Dean Kernot of VOLO. “Both VOLO and CIE are forward-thinking companies that value innovation. I see this collaboration as an opportunity to develop new and creative ways to bring cutting-edge access control systems to market. Together we can push boundaries and achieve something beyond what either company could achieve alone.

"We are very excited to be partnering with VOLO to offer our customers a truly innovative and cost-effective cloud-based access control solution," commented Chris Edwards, Marketing Director at CIE-Group. "VOLO's cloud-based platform is ideal for organisations of all sizes and aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the CIE client base with the latest and best security technology solutions."

This strategic partnership offers an opportunity for organisations to achieve a significant security and efficiency boost. By leveraging the combined expertise of CIE and VOLO, organisations can look forward to an improved user experience for both employees and visitors through this user-friendly system. In particular, the elimination of expensive on-premise hardware and software translates into substantial cost savings allowing organisations to reinvest financial resources into their core areas of operation.


VOLO access control solutions are now available direct from CIE-Group. To learn more about VOLO and how it can benefit your business visit


Visitors to The Security Event can find out more about this partnership at the CIE-Group Stand 5/K70.

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