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05 Aug 2021

CCTV Direct Stocks New Ajax Innovations

CCTVdirect Ltd Stand: 3a/E70

CCTV Direct is proud to be partnering to distribute Ajax new MotionCam Outdoor, Dual Curtain and Keypad Plus with Tags and Passes expanding out offering of intruder prevention and access control solutions.

The motioncam offering a super long life and photographic solution to outdoor areas not only works well for homes and offices, but more remote areas as well where you may not be able to run PoE cables for traditional cams. The outdoor version of the Motion Cam was an oft requested and obvious choice to expand the existing line up of Ajax Security products.

The Dual Curtain offers some fantastic home applications when mixed with Ajax’s night mode, allowing you to wall off specific areas, without having to guard the whole room, nobody is going to want to disarm their entire system at night if they want to pop into the kitchen, but with the curtains ultra-fine field of detection your customers can avoid waking the neighbours when they forget about the motion detectors.

The Keypad Plus, an upgrade on Ajax systems pre-existing model that supports the new tags and passes. Ajaxs new tags and passes work great in commercial environments where the older more densely feature packed fobs may have been less than ideal. To identify users quickly and securely, KeyPad Plus features the DESFire® technology. It is the best-in-class contactless solution to identify the user by card or key fob. DESFire® is based on the ISO 14443 international standard and combines comprehensive 128-bit encryption and copy protection.

This technology is also used in transportation systems of European capitals and access systems at NASA. All you’ve got to do is present the card and away you go.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Ajax bring us next.

If you’re interested in purchasing Ajax equipment for your company then make sure to come and see us at Stand 3a/E70

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