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06 Feb 2023

barox DIN rail Ethernet PoE switches power Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera performance

barox Kommunikation Stand: 5/P90

Intelligent barox Ethernet PoE network switches are specifically designed to cater for the heavy bandwidth demands of video surveillance networks. With their rugged construction, barox DIN rail PoE switches are capable of reliable operation within extreme temperatures, being certified for operation to 75 degrees centigrade, this makes them the ideal choice for the unique challenges of CCTV installations across the Middle East.

Already deployed in combination with the rugged Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera range within many key transport and road applications, the barox DIN Rail PoE switch range offers installers a reliable solution to providing robust high-power PoE, to meet the MIC IP 7000 camera series’ illumination and telemetry high POE requirements.

barox switches are already proven to provide capable and high-performance power management, remote reboot remote, device diagnostics, real-time alarms and notifications

for road and transport camera systems. As an example, each barox DIN rail RY-LPITE-802GBTME switch can power up to six Bosch MIC IP 7000 cameras, including accessories, (such as white light and Infrared LED illuminators), and provide reliable active PoE management and reporting. This, along with the ability to monitor and operate energy management for all connected devices across the network, means cameras can be remotely rebooted, without the need for an engineer to visit a site to physically unplug a power injector to re-boot a camera. So the barox switch can proactively save valuable time and money, and vastly reduces network down-time throughout the lifetime of the system.


Additionally, unlike with generic data switches from other manufacturers, barox video switches are specifically designed for the high demands of video security networks and include sophisticated built-in cyber security, with strong network hygiene. Barox cyber security features  range from Sticky IP to embedded firewall functions and above all, include peace-of-mind, with barox being a ISO27000 certified manufacturing company.

Proven in road and transport applications across the globe, the barox RY-LPITE-802GBTME is employed in varied transport and road projects. These include overcoming bandwidth restrictions, providing safe and reliable PoE to a 95-camera network, providing safety monitoring of the hard shoulder of a major motorway. Additionally, the barox RY-LPITE-802GBTME is also in service in a 100-camera motorway network, where they play an integral part in the consistent traffic safety monitoring of the road. Transmitting high-quailty HD images back to a remote-control room, operators constantly monitor traffic flow and safety, and any disruption, such as breakdown or accidents. Reliable, high-resolution images are key tools for system operators to keep users safe and the traffic flowing – and here, the barox RY-LPITE-802GBTME in combination with the MIC IP 7000 camera series has proved integral to the success of many surveillance systems.

These advantages are not only beneficial for road and motorway networks across the Middle East, but also for tunnel safety and to secure site perimeters, such as oil and gas refineries.

“The deployment of barox technology alongside the Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera range has seen two leading European manufacturers combine to bring a tried and tested solution to the Middle East,” says Luis Coello Sales Director at barox EMEA. “The benefits of robust high-power PoE in extreme heat conditions, advanced cybersecurity, and simple installation and set-up, has made barox technology the perfect partner for the Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera range and the many varied applications specific to the needs of the Middle East region.”

For more information on the barox range of professional PoE video switches, media converters and IP extenders, customers can contact barox on: Tel: +971 50 468 0120, email: or visit

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