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09 Feb 2021

AMG release AMG510 Series - commercial grade managed Ethernet AMG release AMG510 Series powerful commercial grade managed Ethernet powerful switch range.

AMG Systems Stand: 3/G25

Designed for 19” rack or desktop mounting, the new AMG510 Series range comprises 11 new models, including 10, 18, 28, 32 & 52 port variations, with 30W PoE+ and 10GB options available.  

Providing 100Mbps, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching for commercial network applications, the AMG510 Series provides the ideal solution for all Layer 2+ switching applications and incorporates powerful packet processors designed to cater for large volumes of traffic, with switching fabric up to 176 GBPS and support for jumbo frames up to 9.6K Bytes.  

The new commercial grade managed switch range also supports a wide range of management functions, as well as Rapid Spanning Tree, Multiple Spanning Tree and Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) protocols for network redundancy. IGMP functionality is supported to handle multicast traffic, as commonly used in IP CCTV deployments. 

Simplifiying installation and on-going site maintenance, the 510 Series employs AMG’s industry leading virtual stacking capability, and a single web GUI interface, which enables users to easily configure and monitor all switches within a virtual stack. This eliminates the requirement for multiple browser tabs and the need to remember many IP management addresses. In addition, the AMG virtual stack can be used between all AMG510 series models, even when installed in dispersed physical locations. 

Providing secure, reliable and stable network environments for the transmission of video and other network applications, the AMG510 Series provides peace-of-mind, supporting multiple security features and a vast array of layer 2/3 protocols. 

“Developed from the ground up for video intensive networks, the new AMG510 Series provides a cost-effective Ethernet solution for the reliable transmission of CCTV/security and data in commercial environments, such as airport terminals, university campuses, shopping centres, supermarkets, or distribution warehouses, etc,” says Tom Exley, Technical Director at AMG. “All models are compliant with all IEEE 802.3 speeds, have layer 3 static routing capability, and everything is included to support a quick and easy installation, with virtual stacking making it possible to complete network configuration from just a single browser tab.” 

To find out more about the new AMG510 Series powerful commercial grade managed Ethernet switch range or other AMG transmission products, customers can call AMG on +44 (0)1767 600 777, email:, or visit 

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