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  • Neil Rule, MD of Access2, will be hosting a seminar on 30th April at The Security Event - all about Improving Home Security and TS007 Cylinder Locks.

  • Nexus Heat & Smoke Detectors

    18 Feb 2020 Laura Grainger
    Nexus Fire Alert is specifically aimed at construction sites which, by law, must have a visual AND audible alert to fire. But how do installers and builders protect part built houses or offices on a s ...
  • New hard wired PIR

    18 Feb 2020 Laura Grainger
    The new detector has a stylish design with a covert front so an intruder is unaware of the positioning of the internal lens. The low voltage detector is powered from 12 volts DC and can be used for a ...
  • Smart R Distribution -  Was founded in 2010 on decades of experience in the security products industry. Our friendly service, excellent advice & support, best products and keen prices have developed o ...
  • How to ensure warehouse efficiency this year

    17 Feb 2020 Emma Lawson | Strata
    According to predictions, warehouse demand is set to exceed supply this year.... We want to make sure your warehouse is as efficient in this ever changing world. Our nine top tips may help to ensure e ...
  • Bold Gemini Version 2.0 release

    17 Feb 2020 Brian Kelly, Managing Director

    Bold Communications, recently released the latest version of their alarm and CCTV monitoring platform, Gemini v2.0.  Widely used  in both commercial ARCs and private control rooms, Gemini is developed independently of any product manufacturer and is designed specifically for the UK monitoring sector. 

  • The innovative construction of our new composite fire extinguisher, winner of the Build Award for the Best Fire Extinguisher of the Year 2016, means it will not corrode, negating the need for costly annual service contracts, saving our clients 48% compared to traditional steel extinguishers.

  • Our Access Control has been developed alongside market trends and wants over the past few years. ATRIUM is a very responsive and flexible online access control solution allowing installers and end users to always get the best value out of the system.” – Daniel Phillips, Product Manager.

  • New to the market, the uvex megasonic goggle features a revolutionary frameless lens design delivering edge-to-edge, crystal clear, optical class 1 clarity and consistency in every direction. The panoramic lens is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible, eliminating the need to take safety eyewear on and off when walking on difficult surfaces or when moving between workstations — a major advantage when it comes to risk reduction.

  • Safety spectacles can only offer the best protection when worn properly. This requires sophisticated features that can be adapted to individual requirements, deliver high levels of comfort and protection, all in an appealing design.

    The new uvex i-5 delivers just that. With years of experience working with wearers, uvex has created a product that combines the very best innovative features to create a product that fits everyone equally well, delivers superior wearer comfort and provides maximum protection.

  • uvex safety is excited to announce the launch of its latest safety footwear – the unique uvex 1 business, equally at home in both office and factory.

  • Join our team!

    12 Feb 2020

    If you are a serving or retired fire fighter get in touch as we are hiring. 

  • Waste to Wonder provide a unique ethical and environmentally sensitive approach to the managed disposal of no longer needed office equipment and IT which has supported education in over 19 countries. 

  • Three things customers should know about the impact of Surveillance AI

    In 2018, the global datasphere was estimated at 33 zettabytes and is expected to increase to 175 zettabytes by 2025, according to IDC. The true value of data is found in the insights it offers when it is disseminated to key stakeholders and acted upon to improve results. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for data analysis is forecasted to substantially increase. In fact, IDC says ‘the amount of analyzed data that is ‘touched’ by cognitive systems will grow by a factor of 100 to 1.4 zettabytes in 2025’.




  • SSAIB are delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with Tavcom Training - the world’s leading provider of accredited security systems training courses - with a Mains Compliance course later this month being the first initiative for the link-up.

  • Elmdene Access Control PSU Range now available as BIM Objects

    05 Feb 2020 Elmdene International Limited

    Elmdene Access Control PSU Range now available as BIM Objects

  • DDS Case Study - Car Superstore

    05 Feb 2020 DDS | UNV

    DDS Case Study - SW Car Superstore

  • Is your warehouse risk averse?

    03 Feb 2020 Hitz Mistry

    GotoRisk is a flexible, modular application that can be tailored to any scale of logistics operation – around the fundamental employee ‘risk’ areas of Learning, Incident, Asset, Compliance and Performance Management – but with access provisions built in and allowing for multiple locations (but centrally managed) and all personnel to be effectively managed from a singular viewpoint.

  • For the second year running, we are committed to attending The Security Event and showcasing our innovative Access Control solutions to all visitors. Strong from the positive feedback our products got last year, we are looking forward to more successes this year!” – Paul Ramsay, General Manager.

  • The latest Home Office figures reveal that there were a total of 3,139 false fire alarms caused by the “malicious activation of (a) fire call point/alarm” in England during 2018/19. This demonstrates an increase of 111 on the previous year – resulting in the highest figure on record.

    Accidental activations also saw an increase during this period; 14,606 false fire alarms were recorded due to accidental and careless activation, a significant increase of 497 false alarms making it the highest number since 2012.

    Continuing to be the largest incident type, false fire alarms accounted for 40 per cent of the incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England in 2019 – fires accounted for just 32 per cent.

    Costing the UK an estimated £1 billion a year, false fire alarms continue to be a major issue as we start a new decade; but what can be done to prevent this number from growing further?

    As recommended in BS 5839-1:2017 manual call points can be fitted with a protective cover to prevent false fire alarms. The British Standard Institute recommends in section 20.2b), that: “All MCPs should be fitted with a protective cover, which is moved the gain access to the frangible elements.”

    Safety technology International manufacture a range of protective covers, from integral covers to outdoor and sounder models; there are variations to suit all applications. These covers are specifically designed to prevent false alarms whether accidental or malicious.