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The Security Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham


Security Cameras

Takex Europe

Stand: 5/L17
  • | CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • | Intruder Alarms & Detection
  • | Perimeter Security

TAKEX have been designing and manufacturing precision sensing technologies since 1959, and recognised as a market leader in the security industry for over 30 years.

Specialising in infrared Beams and outdoor PIR for perimeter protection & CCTV activation, TAKEX sensors balance precise, dependable detection with unrivalled reliability and catch performance.


+44 1256 475 555


Aviary Court, Wade Road
RG24 8PE
United Kingdom
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  • The PB-IN-HFA series is the flagship of the TAKEX range of infrared photoelectric beams. By synchronizing 16 beam paths between Transmitter and Receiver, the PB-IN-HFA series offer unrivaled stability ...
  • Even the simplest beams from TAKEX feature our patented ‘double modulation’ technology giving them an unsurpassed immunity to sunlight and artificial light sources - ideal for protecting windows, door ...
  • The TAKEX indoor Reflector Beam series is designed for applications where a 'beam-break' is desirable, but running wire to both ends in impractical. Three different models offer the same point-to-poin ...
  • The PR-11BE Reflector Beam is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for applications where a beam-break is desirable but running cable to both ends is impractical. A convenient way to monitor entr ...
  • The PR-30BE uses Time of Flight technology to determine detecting distance with unprecedented accuracy by measuring both light reception level and timing, meaning no lost alarms from highly reflective ...
  • Introducing the all-new 40 metre long-range PIR-T40NAM outdoor passive infrared detector featuring precision triple-mirror optics and active anti-masking, designed with demanding CCTV and Intruder app ...
  • One of the biggest concerns with using external PIR's is activations caused by animals (both wild and domestic), for this reason TAKEX has produced the 'Dual-Zone' PIR's, combining a horizontal curtai ...
  • MX-12FAM is a dual-zone outdoor PIR with anti-masking technology designed for the next generation of intruder detection. We've streamlined the optical heads into fixed, but independent 90° left and ri ...
  • The PV-12E sensor speaker is designed to play a recorded message when the 12m PIR sensor detects the movement of people or vehicles. Common applications include welcoming messages at building entrance ...


  • An Introduction to TAKEX


    TAKEX is a leading Japanese manufacturer of Security Sensors, specialising in Active Infrared Beams for Perimeter Protection, and Outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and Intruder Detection.

  • The PB-IN-HFA series are the workhorse of our photoelectric beam sensors.

    Learn beam alignment like a pro with the following instructional video by our very own Mike Burgess.

  • The PR-5B is a compact 5m reflector beam for applications where a beam-break is desirable but cabling both ends is impractical.

    This short instructional shows just how quick and easy it is to install.

  • Even the simplest beams from TAKEX feature our patented ‘double modulation’ technology.

    Here's a step-by-step video guide to aligning PB-TK series beams.

  • PR-30BE is a 30m outdoor reflector beam using Time of Flight technology to determine detecting distance with unprecedented accuracy.

    Watch Mike step you through the optical alignment of this sensor.

  • Our Dual-Zone MS-12FE outdoor PIR requires simultaneous detection across horizontal and downward zones for alarm.

    Configure MS-12FE for 180° detection with this quick video guide.

  • Proving ever-versatile, MS-12FE can also be configured for window or wall detection in just a few short steps...

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