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Calipsa’s cloud-based video analytics use AI to remove over 90% of event-based video false alarms. Calipsa recognises the alarm cause and filters out any not caused by human and vehicle movement; highlighting only events that matter. Calipsa is used on 100,000+ cameras, making it the leader in false alarm reduction. 


86-90 Paul Street
United Kingdom
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  • Calipsa's cloud-based camera masking feature allows operators to mask off areas of disinterest, in a colour of their choice, to ensure Calipsa's analytics automatically mark any activity in that zone ...
  • Using the latest deep learning technology, our deep learning algorithms remove over 90% of video false alarms, recognising the cause of the alarm and filtering out any that are not caused by human and ...
  • Calipsa is video analytics software with a difference. Using the latest AI technology, Calipsa’s industry-leading cloud-based false alarm filtering platform remove over 90% of event-based video false ...


  • Using the latest deep learning technology, Calipsa’s cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform removes over 90% of false alarms, making it a global leader in false alarm reduction. Learn more about s ...
  • Michael Askew discussed how Calipsa's integration with the Sentinel Alarm Receiving Platform benefits users.
  • EMCS, one of the UK’s leading alarm receiving centres, discuss how Calipsa's False Alarm Filtering Platform has transformed their video monitoring efficiency, reduced false alarms and allowed them to ...


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