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From fast and affordable to best in the business, you can get every customer future-ready with our alarm signalling systems, no matter their budget. They’re simple to install, with a choice of fixed IP and wi-fi connected options. Plus dual SIM and roaming 4G options for more resilient wireless signalling.


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81 Newgate Street
United Kingdom
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  • Get the highest level of security with our smartest and fastest alarm signalling system yet. With all the speed customers need to stay safe, Ultimate reports path faults in just 90 seconds. It sends e ...
  • Dual-path. Dual back-up. And a three-minute response time. Always. An easy upgrade to our Advanced alarm signalling system, Advanced Extra offers next-level security. It can send enhanced, encrypted s ...
  • True dual-path alarm signalling that you can dial up to match the risk. Not every home or business has the same risks. That’s why we’ve made Advanced more flexible. It comes with two diverse signallin ...
  • Get simple dual-path alarm signalling without doubling the price tag. With Essential Extra, you no longer need a fixed connection for more resilient alarm signalling. It uses superfast 4G to send encr ...
  • Get simple alarm signalling with a small price tag. With Essential you always get the best connection. It switches between mobile networks to find the most reliable 4G. And sends enhanced and encrypte ...
  • Get simple alarm signalling that offers an IP upgrade with a small price tag. Essential IP makes updating PSTN systems easy. It connects to your customers’ broadband over Ethernet or wi-fi or for a sp ...


  • Having a monitored alarm means this business owner doesn’t just protect his photography studio, he also protects his livelihood.
  • Get your customers ready. The UK is switching to all-IP by 2025. Prepare and protect homes and businesses with our Next Generation portfolio.
  • Why is the PSTN being shut down? How will it affect your customers? And what do you need to do to adapt? Watch our film to find out.
  • The UK is switching to all-IP. Prepare and protect your customers with our competitively priced Next Generation alarm signalling systems. While unlocking new opportunities for your business. Because t ...


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