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MISSION: To bring forward new capabilities that ensure a higher quality and security of human life through innovative high-technology solutions.

LINEV | ADANI (est. in 1991) specialises in high-quality low-dose security equipment for people X-ray screening, parcel, baggage, cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection.


Cross Channel Business Park
Mount Pleasant
CT12 4AU
United Kingdom
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  • The DTP320DVB system is a state-of-the-art dual view X-ray scanner with portal-shaped detection system for inspection of cars and busses designed with innovative technology. It is designed for inspect ...
  • CLEARPASS allows the operator to obtain a projection X-ray image of the full body of non-moving person under inspection to reveal what’s hidden under the clothes, "look inside" the abdominal cavity. C ...
  • The BV M.A.X. is a compact, relocatable conveyor-type X-ray screening system for the fast, effective and contact-free inspection of mattresses and inmates’ personal belongings. Due to its compact desi ...
  • The BV 6045 is a reliable, optimal and cost-effective security solution which provides enhanced threat and contraband detection capabilities. The system is intended to make security screening process ...
  •   Designed with innovative technology, the DTP 7500/320DV is a state-of-the-art dual-view, dual-energy drive-thru X-ray scanner with a portal-shaped detection system for the inspection of trucks with ...
  • CONPASS Smart DV allows the operator to obtain a projection X-ray image of the abdominal cavity and the person under inspection to reveal what’s hidden under the clothes, "look inside" the abdominal c ...
  • Weighing 160 kg and having an ergonomic design the BV 5030CA can be easily relocated through most doorways and deployed even in restricted space areas without any need for special equipment or staff. ...
  • The BV STREAM is intended for X-ray screening of backpacks, bags, parcels and personal items in order to detect blades, firearms, ammunition and any other prohibited items. The BV STREAM is best appli ...


  • We are proud to stay that our Drive through the portal X-ray security system DTP 7500 LV will improve and change the security screening experience of the deepwater port in Prosorja, Ecuador.
  • The system is designed for fast and efficient search of dangerous and prohibited items in human clothes, under clothes on the human body and inside the human body, as well as in baggage and various ca ...
  • A very quick overview on the successor of the world's first low-dose x-ray transmission body scanner, the Conpass Smart DV. Offering smart AI-based people screening which features the patented Druguar ...
  • The DTP 7500LVR is designed for vehicles examination by scanning and receipt of shadowgraph with characteristics that permit to identify transported goods, constructional units of the examined object ...


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