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Access2 is the UK’s market leader in masterkeyed cylinder locks. Our products provide security and safety to people and property, securing buildings in all sectors, all over the world – quietly, confidently and with style. Access2 was born out of a desire to provide great product solutions and unbeatable service.


Unit 35
North Tyne Industrial Estate
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE12 9SZ
United Kingdom
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  • At Access2 we don’t insist you use our colours, we make our cylinders to 100% match YOUR chosen colour. We call it ColourMatch. Our ColourMatch finishes are carefully applied either by, powder coating ...
  • Tigris® Premier 3 is patent protected until 2032 and is tested and certified to BS EN 1303:2015, achieving the highest levels of performance for both security and durability. Premier3 cylinders have a ...
  • Run a better #hotel with better access control. With a Confidant digital door lock, every door can be centrally controlled and every operation recorded. It also has Bluetooth capability so guests don’ ...
  • M-Series - more secure than any doormat or key box. M-Series Digital Door Locks eliminate the fuss and faff when guests arrive - and they eliminate the need for insecure key boxes. Designed for luxury ...


  • If an invalid code is entered 3 times the keypad will lock for 30 seconds to avoid spamming attempts.
  • By adding additional digits before, after, or both in conjunction with your PIN, you can easily hide your code from prying eyes.
  • Gain access to the property with a card or fob, PIN code, fingerprint or Bluetooth.
  • Use your smart phone to open and lock the door remotely.
  • Don't send your guests on a key hunt. With M-Series Digital Door Locks there's no need for insecure key boxes or for you to be hanging around waiting for your guests to arrive. You can send your guest ...
  • Quick, simple and affordable – Tigris TS-007 Cylinders are Kitemarked, fully patented, 6-pin cylinders. Tough as old boots but precision built for reliable performance year after year.  Choose wisely. ...


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