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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK

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Security Cameras

ZKTeco Biometrics: Connecting the digital and the physical world

ZKTeco Stand: 5/J127

The primary advantage is enhanced security, as only one individual with its unique biometric data characteristic, can be the key of our systems, as opposed to traditional verification methods via key cards and pin code that pose the risk of security breaches. Biometry literally means “measurement of life.” In a broader sense, it designates the quantitative study of living beings. It covers a wide range of applications, including anthropology and medicine. The term biometrics also refers to all processes used to recognize, authenticate and identify persons based on certain physical or behavioral characteristics which are unique to each individual. Such characteristics are measurable, which enable comparisons to detect fake access attempts and are also recordable, which means can be stored if necessary. ZKTeco Biometric authentification devices for Access Control and Time Attendance systems are GDPR compliant, meaning users own their biometric data because it is properly secured and stored using encryption methods within the devices.

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