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What is 100V line audio?

Inter-M Stand: 3/A35

HowToAV.tv explains 100v Line Audio - the most commonly used distributed sound system for commercial installations, public address and background music. 100v line audio offers a simple solution for multiple loudspeaker / multi-zone sound systems distributed over long distances - such as large scale buildings , multi-floor and campus sites. 100 volt line is sometimes also referred to in the professional AV industry as 'constant voltage' or a 'high impedance' system. 100v PA systems require specific 100v amplifiers and PA loudspeakers whihch feature a transformer - all of whihc are readily available from all professional audio distributors. These systems easily integrate with all standard audio source devices such as microphones, CD players, MP3 players and digital streaming systems. 100v line / PA / public address / BGM systems are most commonly applied to voice and background music applications, as opposed to foreground music and live performance.

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