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The Security Event

8 - 10 April 2025 | NEC Birmingham, UK

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Texecom Monitor: offering signalling to ARCs and additional digital services

Texecom Stand: 5/F10
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Texecom’s digital tools are designed to help installers raise service levels, automate tasks, and provide robust analytics, all while reducing overheads – saving time and money. Texecom Monitor provides installers with an alternative and innovative signalling product that can easily be ordered through existing Texecom Cloud accounts, giving added flexibility and options.  

Texecom Monitor, a digital solution for primary alarm communications, can provide the missing link for clients and installers wanting to migrate alarm systems from analogue to digital. This move is not to be overlooked, as, from the end of 2025, all PSTN phone lines in the UK will be switched from analogue to IP.

The control and visibility of Texecom security systems are achieved through the Texecom Cloud account, which now include Texecom Monitor. Texecom Monitor is part of Texecom’s Cloud service and works seamlessly with Texecom Premier Elite systems with SmartCom communicators. Installers can manage their ARCs connection and access Texecom Cloud diagnostics and Texecom Connect app management from the company cloud account without being physically on-site.

The solution is only available if you are already using a Texecom ecosystem. Monitor offers SP2, SP2 Radio, DP1, DP2, DP3 and DP4 primary alarm signalling to lead Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs). 

The service is accessed from Premier Elite systems via dual-path SmartCom 4G communicators that provide connectivity to all the major UK telecommunication networks, including O2, EE, 3 (H3G) and Vodafone.

Texecom Monitor makes adding primary alarm communications simple and easy. Bespoke equipment is not needed, especially to connect with ARCs for a particular site. Time-consuming wiring, programming and testing are avoided. No need for an ARC account setup process. Texecom Monitor is fully integrated with Premier Elite alarm systems making alarm signalling plug-and-play for the field alarm installer.

Designed from the ground up with cyber security at the heart of the cloud architecture, Monitor has been penetration tested by leading cyber security experts to ensure compliance with the highest standards.

In Texecom Monitor, the cloud-based architecture ensures high levels of resilience and redundancy – ensuring reliable communications. Thanks to its dual-path, roaming 4G communications and multiple-redundant cloud transport systems, Texecom Monitor is a service you can rely on. With 100% uptime availability over the past twelve months, the system exceeds EN50136 DP4 signalling requirements.

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