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20 Apr 2021

Hikvision ColorVu Cameras stocked by Dynamic CCTV

DYNAMIC CCTV Stand: 3a/F78

ColorVu cameras are the next generation of low light camera technology and are available in an IPC and TVI format, they provide full vivid colour video 24/7.  ColorVu cameras utilise the super-aperture lenses with an F-stop of F1.0 enabling more light to enter the lens and a high sensitivity image sensor both of which allow the camera to provide colourful and sharp images in the lowest levels of light and at 4MP and 5MP image resolutions.
The cameras come equipped with a supplemental warm white light which can be utilised to aid the camera when required in the most challenging of low light environments, the white light will become active when the scene illumination level falls below the minimum requirements of the camera meaning it is only called into action as and when it is required.  

Dynamic CCTV will be showcasing and providing live demonstrations of this new remarkable technology during The Security Event September 7-9th 2021 at stand 3a/F78

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