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23 Jul 2021

Alertex Lockdown Features

Luminite Electronics Stand: 4/H1

Battery life is around two years.  A maximum of 64 units can be installed per site, up to 1km apart. When one Alertex unit is activated it will trigger all units in range to sound an audible alert or lockdown message, accompanied by a flashing beacon light.

Alertex units can sound a variety of alerts to differentiate them from a fire alarm – there are 32 sounds to choose from. Alternatively, an annunciator variant can be ordered which has a built-in strobe. 

There is a standard lockdown message which you can hear via our You Tube channel, or the school may wish to record their own message.  In some cases, the school may wish to play a music clip which pupils recognise as danger and must make their way to their nearest classroom.

The Alertex call points and sounder / beacons are available as both internal and external (weatherproof) variants.  Cages are also available for external units which may be prone to balls etc. hitting them, causing a false alarm.  Decibel levels can be adjusted so that external units can be louder than internal units.


The PC App

The PC app also allows one central location, normally the school office, to monitor and control activated units.  From here the user can reset the system after activation, although the original depressed call point will have to be manually reset.  A silent test can be made via the PC app or a short or longer test if needed.  We would advise that the system is tested weekly in line with fire alarm procedures.

The Lockdown system may be activated in response to any number of situations, a major fire in the vicinity of the school will not be as grave as an intruder spotted on the school premises with a potential weapon.  This is where the Alertex PC app email function can be utilised to its fullest.  The app allows for 3 email addresses to be notified in the event of activation.  The school can attach an email group, for example email addresses of the teaching staff, to further clarify the severity of the event. A lesser event may, for example, entail pupils being allowed free movement within the school but not outside. The school lockdown policy should be able to demonstrate an understanding of a proportionate response to these different situations and the unique Alertex PC app allows for that.

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