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The Security Event

30 April - 2 May 2024
NEC, Birmingham

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Security Cameras

11 Apr 2023

Vosker V300

Thomas Jacks Stand: 5/F115

Live View Mode

For the first time in any Vosker camera, the much-anticipated Live View Mode has arrived in the V300, along with motion activated full-HD video recording capabilities stored straight to the Vosker cloud. Live View capabilities make the V300 the perfect camera for remote surveillance in areas with limited or non-existent access to electricity and Wi-Fi connection.

LTE Network Connectivity

The Vosker V300’s uses LTE network connectivity, working on any available UK network, making this camera ideal for observing construction sites, commercial properties, farms, holiday homes, rural properties, rental properties, car parks, marinas, vacant properties, and so forth — allowing the user to receive notifications to their phones whenever, wherever, without using lots of data. The V300 will transmit both photos and video to the Vosker app.v

Solar Powered

Thanks to the combination of a long-lasting 14,000mAh lithium battery and a weatherproof solar panel, this camera reduces the number of trips needed to change batteries, offering weeks of outdoor surveillance before a recharge is needed.

Easy, Rapid Setup

Setting up the Vosker V300 can be achieved in just a few minutes and comes provided with an SD card and pre-activated SIM card to speed this process up even more. Vosker offers a variety of security data plans, and offers users a free 7-day trial of these plans to determine which plan suits their needs best.

Vosker App

Users can access a range of convenient features to aid in the use of the V300 with the FREE Vosker app, including accessing live view, viewing photos captured on the device, customising notifications to receive only the relevant alerts, and managing all devices connected to the app in one place.

Vosker Sense

Incorporates Vosker Sense AI image recognition technology in the Vosker app — technology that works to identify human and vehicle shaped objects when the V300 is triggered, only sending a notification to the user’s phone when they really need to see what is happening.

Vosker Sense accurately differentiates between human disturbances and instances where wildlife wanders past the field of view, reducing the number of notifications the user will receive and ensuring unwanted alerts are kept to an absolute minimum.

Built-In GPS Tracker

Features a built-in GPS tracker, putting users minds at rest knowing the exact location of their V300 in instances where the camera has been misplaced or stolen.

Night Vision Capabilities

Features 850nm infrared LEDs to provide a 100ft night vision range in total darkness, capturing black and white images at night.

Weather Resistant

Weather resistant with a rugged design, the V300 will remain operational in all types of conditions, including heavy rain and snow, and ensures the desired location is well-observed in all types of environments.


  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Intruder Alarms & Detection
  • Perimeter Security
  • Other
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