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13 Mar 2023

Ultrastar DC SN650 NVMe SSD

Western Digital Stand: 5/M80

High Capacity NVMe™ SSD and Disaggregated Storage Architecture

As cloud and scale-out data centers have become more and more disaggregated, storage has been able to scale independently from compute, giving businesses elasticity during peak demands while avoiding data silos and improving TCO.

Disaggregating storage is ideal for cloud service providers. It offers a variety of storage services that combine to deliver a higher quality-of-service, improved performance consistency, and higher storage utilization.

For scale-out data center customers, disaggregated storage provides managed service providers to efficiently increase capacity for modern applications processing large unstructured datasets.

As workloads grow to petabytes, high capacity, cost-optimized storage SSDs have an increasingly important role to play. The Ultrastar® DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD can reduce those time-to-insights.

PCIe® Gen 4.0

The new Ultrastar® DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD includes the next generation Western Digital® controller, PCIe® Gen 4.0 interface, and Western Digital® BiCS5 TLC 3D NAND.

BiCS5 TLC 3D NAND, with higher bit density per mm2, is the next generation of 3D NAND driving higher capacities, up to 15.36TB¹. With the latest PCIe® Generation 4.0, the Ultrastar® DC SN650 enables performance at scale for increasingly larger application workloads. Designed and built for the standard 2.5” SSD storage infrastructure, it includes support for U.2 and U.3 backplanes.

Emerging Workloads

The Ultrastar® DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD is optimized for cloud and scale-out workloads providing higher QoS consistency, and better storage utilization for block, object or file storage.

Emerging workloads for big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are increasing in size and complexity. They are typically stored across distributed, tiered, or disaggregated architectures. The Ultrastar® DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD is optimized for moving these large datasets fast and servicing multiple hosts with performance consistency, making them ideal for scaling capacity and maximizing GB/watt for these emerging larger workloads.

Safeguarding data

The Ultrastar® DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD ensures that if you lose power, you don’t lose your data. The drive comes with Power Loss Protection that keeps your data safe should you experience a sudden and unexpected interruption in power supply. And if you ever need to decommission the drive, Secure Erase provides you with entire drive erase options.


The Ultrastar® DC SN650 NVMe™ SSD is built for reliability, incorporating enterprise-class features such as power-loss protection, 2M hour reliability (projected) and 1 DW/D. And if that weren’t enough, it also comes with a five-year limited warranty.



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