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13 May 2021

Our Remote Monitoring service to CCTV Installers

PSM Stand: 3/K20

Working with you to provide 24/7 support and ongoing business opportunities

As security CCTV installers, are you looking for a remote monitoring partner that will fully support you 24/7 and provide you with ongoing business opportunities?

At PSM, our approach is simple. We work together with CCTV installers to help resolve challenging customer requirements and succeed together as a team, making your job easier and keeping your customers happy.

Having worked in the industry for 20 years, we’re completely aware of the challenges installers face so you can expect experienced technical support from a team who really do care and understand.

We also provide ‘our’ CCTV installers with opportunities and will always send relevant sales leads which might include end users requesting full installs, upgrades or maintenance agreements.

CCTV Installer benefits 

  • Recurring revenue
  • Reciprocal business
  • Maintenance & support
  • Remote fault finding
  • In-house software
  • Monitoring specialist
  • NO premium numbers or automated lines
  • System health checks and ongoing care


We develop close relationships with all of our CCTV installers and consider this the key to long term success.

We are experts in remote monitoring and you are the experts at installation. We will not compete with you on installations so all relevant opportunities are passed to you.

Like all successful businesses, we depend on and frequently receive word of mouth recommendations.

Installers working with us receive the following benefits:

CCTV installation leads passed to you

Leads and opportunities for CCTV installation, upgrades and maintenance contracts are frequently identified.

Recurring revenue

We welcome the setting up of recurring revenue agreements.

Dedication to our installers' success

Your success is our success and we will do everything we can to assist you.



We believe we have a unique perspective in understanding the needs of installers.

Our industry leading knowledge has led to us developing automated early warning signals which tell us in advance of potential failures.

Our ability to interrogate equipment, diagnose faults and often fix faults in the field can avoid you even having to attend site, saving you time and money.

Remote fault finding

Superior knowledge in developing many automated early warning signals which tell us in advance of potential failures.

Same day response to technical support and customer amendments

When you encounter any technical issues or require customer changes, we are only a phone call away to offer immediate support.

Ongoing support, assistance and assurance of working together to keep customers satisfied

We realise that to achieve success, PSM needs to support and assist our installers in every way. We are dedicated to helping you provide the best service to your customers.

System health checks and ongoing care

We don’t just stop at setting up the remote monitoring system and leave the rest to you. On the contrary. We continuously monitor the effectiveness of all systems to ensure that everything is working efficiently at all times.



Our entire operation – including alarm receiving software – is controlled, created and developed in-house. This allows true bespoke and personal monitoring.

We realise each site faces different security challenges therefore we proactively assist installers to solve unique security requests. Developing and using our own technology, the possibilities are endless and, as of yet, there has been no request that has not been accommodated.

We resolve security challenges

Installers can rely on our software to solve security challenges and customer requests.

Continuous innovation of installer technology

We are continuously listening to our installers feedback, which helps us create new and improved technology that simplifies the security management of your sites.

Regular installer technology updates

Once security requests are approved, they are integrated into our software so that new technology features improving work processes and security flow through.



We have developed specialist software to improve the effectiveness of remote monitoring and commissioning.

Each system that we monitor is individually configured with bespoke settings tailored to the site, the environment and customer's operations

This allows us to be a monitoring company who meets customer and installer needs rather than them having to meet the needs of off the shelf software.

We combine our software, experience and problem-solving skills to deliver unique solutions

As a result, we solve security challenges for customers and installers.


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