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25-27 April 2023
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09 Feb 2022


Commend UK Stand: 4/G35

In January 2022, Commend UK launched their first AI based communication kiosk, the od22. This touch display, smart assistant features two contactless call buttons, an IP camera and is suitable for any type of application requiring intuitive, yet precise user interaction.

The graphical user interface can be adjusted to suit any user requirements. Options range from advertising with images and videos as well as interactive content to allow for wayfinding.
High performance processors turn the od22 into a communication powerhouse.

With a dedicated emergency mode feature-set, the communication kiosk transforms from everyday use into an emergency station for managing crisis events. This also means that the user will be perfectly prepared to meet the upcoming standards, such as EN 62820-2 – the standard for Advanced Security Building Intercom Systems (ASBIS).

The od22 harbours the possibility to provide countless applications in a variety of industries. From providing advertisements for passengers on train platforms to dynamic wayfinding for buildings and smart cities, the possibilities are infinite. The od22 can provide up-to-date information and instant assistant anywhere, anytime. It can even be used as a help point in emergency situations by providing evacuation information and instant access to security personnel via the call buttons.

Combined with the equally innovative CommendAi, this smart assistant becomes even more powerful, with additional features such as weapon detection, key word analysis, missing persons detection and even language translation. As a result, control rooms experience better security efficiency and understanding of their environments. The demand for better security, both cyber and physical, is continuing to rise in every industry, particularly the transportation and education sectors. The od22 is prepared to meet this challenge head on by providing clear, secure and instant assistance in a simple and cost-efficient way. 

The smart assistant is also designed with users of all types in mind. It’s contactless features and ability to be mounted in any environment and at any height ensures the ease of use for customers of all ages and disabilities. Overall heightening the user experience and giving the whole public instant access to information and services. A demand that is on the rise more and more with the introduction of smart technologies in cities and the growing influence of the next generation.

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